Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It's a Wonderful Life!

As i was folding laundry today my dad called to check in and let me know that i needed to come to the blog site and do some cleaning up on some spam comments and such...so... like the theme of my day, i've cleaned every inch of our house, so i came to clean up my blog as well! Didn't take as long as i'd thought it would, so i thought maybe i'd try and post an update since keegan is quiet and playing on his own! Almost 6 months ago now, Mike and i were married!! i feel like i just blinked and its been that long! i have to admit that this transition has been the easiest so far. We've had so much change in the past 2 or 3 years now, but this "newest" of our normals has honestly felt like its just always the way it should have been. I am awe-struck at how God can give me the desires of my heart as a teenager to grow up and find myself and have had the partner perfectly suited for me in Colin...and that, not once, but TWICE, He has again granted me the desire of my "changed" heart for someone so different but so perfectly suited for me and the kids in this stage in life! i'm not who i was when Colin and i were married and God knew exactly what i needed in a lifelong partner from here on out, and boy, am i thankful!! I keep honestly pinching myself, smiling, that we found Mike, and he's OURS!!! He and the boys have settled in beautifully to a father-son relationship...and the boys have been a dream through the changes...its like God knew their hearts in wanting our family to be complete for them to have a daddy actively apart of every day. What a JOY its been to go through each day being able share life with someone again! To laugh at the funny things the boys do, to be able to discipline having some have MY back, on the qualities we are trying to instill in our boys. We are both in awe at God's impeccable timing, with how we met, and fell in love and the intertwining of our lives and families...God knew and He dreamed a dream so much bigger than we, ourselves, could ever imagine! i'm completely smitten, and so incredibly content with each day! I'm positive there are trials and changes that are ahead of us, but i now know, the lessons that i've learned, to TRUST, that our prayers are heard, and answered...and not to worry about tomorrow, because we just may not get there...but love today, in our sweet little family moments! Some have said how sorry they are that i've had to go through the hardship i have, but i believe in this GREATER plan, that i may just be able to be apart of something bigger than myself, making a dent in sharing God's insane love for His people! The boys are growing at lightning speed! Corban is almost finished Grade 2 already and Keegan is all set to begin Kindergarten this September!!! AHHHHHH!! i'm excited for Keegan to start something new, for bigger adventures ahead as a family! The beginning stages of our house building process in under way and we are enjoying getting our entire family apart of brainstorming and having the place of our dreams in the country! Like i said, BIG changes ahead, but i'm strangely content with taking it one day at a time...i enjoy our home we are in now, i love where we are at, and i'm excited for whats ahead, but i'm not in any rush! I've always vowed to be a woman who is thankful and Praises God in ANY and EVERY circumstance, and my gift to our kids is to teach them to do the same through their lives. God is good ALL the time, and i need to say thank you again, to those who have prayed for us, and continue to pray for our family! i'm thankful for you! Until the next time! xoxo Melissa