Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Good News!

Hi Everyone,

Melissa and I are just sitting in the hospital waiting to see the doctor before we go home again for the next couple days. The nurse just came in with some of my blood results from this morning and here they are.

White Cells - 1.3 (Melissa was praying for 1.2 and 2 days ago I was at 0.4)
Red Cell - 95
Platlets - 430 - ish ( 2 days ago it was 137)

Thank you so much for all your prayers and now with my white cells over 1 I am not as susceptible to getting colds or flu's and I am a lot better off! Thank you Lord!

We are just waiting for the doctor now to see when my CT scan and Bone Marrow Biopsy will be, either tomorrow or Monday. Tomorrow would be better because Corban and Keegan are coming up this weekend to be with us! I am so excited to see them again and hold them! Pray the bone marrow biopsy doesn't hurt too bad this time, the doctor said they will sedate me where in Med Hat they didn't sedate me and it hurt so bad. Just think of someone digging into your hip with a hand drill bit, that's about best how I can describe it to you. If that doesn't make you grimace, you might be the toughest person out there! They can freeze the skin but bones don't freeze.

We will be in touch once we know more, but please keep praying for restored health for those who are sick and also that Melissa and I will not get sick. Also for Corban and Keegan not to get sick because that would mean I couldn't be as interactive with them. Thanks!


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hi! I just quickly wanted to write and ask you to pray for health! Right now, we are entering into cold/flu season and having two kiddies of our own and being around our nephew and neice up here in Calgary, we're all bound to come into contact with these viruses! Actually, we are headed that way right now.....our poor little nephew is sick and Andy (my bro) is getting it as well......Colin and I are staying with Andy and Nat, but we are currently quarrentined to the basement, so Colin doesn't come into contact with the germs. He is still very low with his White Blood Cells, and just a runny nose can turn into something serious for him.......i have become a close friend with all the Lysol products and i don't think any germs are capable of living in the house right now. (i'm a mad woman cleaning anything and everything in my path). Please don't get the wrong idea, my sis-in-law keeps an amazingly clean house, but i just have the urge to go on a germ killing warpath!
The plan is to have the kids come up this weekend and stay with us until we are able to come home for Thanksgiving (sometime next week). So, before i worry, i will pray, since worrying does nothing and praying does a whole heck of a lot more! Please pray for Colin to be protected. Truth is, he's just as in danger just being at the hospital, if not more so there, than he is here. We knew he would run this risk from the beginning, but we know that God is our protector and our healer, even from the simplist of colds/flus. Pray for our nephew and my brother, for restored health, and for somehow the germs to bypass Colin and I. We're wearing masks, cleaning, and washing our hands and aside from that, we can't do anything else. Our reality is that Colin is at risk wherever he is, and we're just coming to grips with that scary thought. Once his white cells come up just a little bit more, he'll be out of the woods even more so, but until then, we just have to pray that nothing will make him sick.....not when we're so close to coming home for some time together with friends and family.
I thank you for reading this, and i thank you for any little prayer you offer up, i know God hears each one, and i know He'll keep us safe!

Colin gets more blood taken at the hospital tomorrow, and then we hear when he has another marrow biopsy and CT scan (either Thurs or Monday). Then After a full day of testing on October 7th, we're home for a week! Ok, i should go, i hear more germs needing to be killed! lol

Sunday, September 27, 2009

So lastnight was not a fun night for me. No health problems just some realizations hit me before I feel asleep. Luckily Melissa was still awake to talk with me and comfort me. She is such an amazing wife and mother!

I was just laying in bed thinking about this situation and before I had thought about the possibilities of having cancer and going through these treatments. I had cried over the chance of not making it through, but lastnight something came over my thoughts and I could stop thinking about what would happen if I didn't make it. How would Melissa be? How would my boys be? How would my family be? I couldn't stop thinking about not seeing Corban and Keegan again and not being there as they went to school, graduated school, got married. I know it is a real possiblility with having cancer that I could die, but atleast I know where my salvation lies, and that is in Jesus Christ! If there is any comfort this is it!

Not that I think I am going to die, because I will fight until the bitter end. Please don't worry, right now I am actually doing really well. Our doctor told me she was proud of me for how well I am doing. I feel good and I am loving spending so much time with Melissa! I believe and pray I will make it through and be healed and have so many years with the boys and in my new career. Right now I guess I finally had some time to think about what is really going on and I had a chance to deal with those emotions lastnight with Melissa. I don't thinkI have cried that hard and long ever. I couldn't stop thinking of Melissa and the boys.

Today was a better day though. Melissa and I slept in and had a relaxing day. We would have gone to church but I cannot go to places with crowds as my cells counts are too low. We went for a drive to get some things at Sobey's but I sat in the car and listened to the radio. I still sometimes get headaches so if everyone could pray they go away because they are annoying, but I do get more naps because that is the only way to get rid of them. Anyways this is all I have right now, just wanted to let everyone know whats been going on with me. We love you all and thank you so much for your prayers through this journey. Just remember God is faithful and is the ultimate physician and He is going to heal me!


Friday, September 25, 2009

Just so you all know, we're headed back to check in at the hospital tomorrow morning. By check in, i mean, get blood taken and maybe see if Colin needs any transfusions, but other than that, it's a waiting game to see when his levels start here we sit, and wait.....BUT Colin is doing amazing! He's been so chatty, and happy, and he and i even took Colby (our nephew) for a walk today, we made it further than i expected, so he's getting his everygy back sooner than i thought. It made us both miss our boys SO much, but it's good to be here relaxing for a little bit! Please praying that we get to go home to Medicine Hat sometime next week, we don't want to waste any more time being away from our boys than we absolutely have too :)
I know it's a short one, but that's where we're at right now, i'll update more hopefully tomorrow, after we know what Colin's blood levels are doing and if there is any sign of them going up!!!!!

luv, Melissa

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hey! It's Melissa here again. I just wanted to update you all on what's happening for the rest of the week/weekend. Colin's blood levels are at their low point right now, always right around day 5-9 after chemo they bottom out and then his body starts fighting to regulate everything again, so we expected this, and he's doing GREAT despite his counts being so low! He's healthy, and happy and spending the week at Andy and Nat's!!!!!! YEAY! What great medicine for him to be out and getting fresh air and just being in a home! Thanks to Nat's GREAT cooking, he's gaining weight and eating like CRAZY!!!!!! Colin and i are actually counting this time as a blessing....the boys are still in Medicine Hat, with us having to check in at the hospital most days, it takes a while, now just isn't the best time to bring them up......we're also planning and PRAYING that we can come home again by next week sometime, so please pray that everything works out for that to happen! Anyways, i was saying that Colin and I are counting this time as a blessing because we haven't had a chance to really talk and hash things out with how we're both feeling, we've just been on survival mode, so it's been a good time for us to regroup and refocus TOGETHER, and just be together, it's MUCH needed!
Now we're just gearing up for the second half of this whole messy journey, this next half actually being a little more organized than the first couple months, we actually have a calender of dates and we can see what's to come! It's a comfort to know there is an end date, so our goals are set and our plan is to be out of the hospital by Christmas, the Doc said it was tight, but do-able, so we'll take it and pray for that to happen!
I also wanted to ask you to pray, right now we're waiting to do some testing (bone marrow, CT scan, etc.) Next week those two will be done, and then on Oct. 7th from 7-3pm, Colin will be ungoing every test possible to see what his cancer is doing........Please pray for there to be no sign whatsoever of the cancer in his body, the perfect scenario would be to go into his transplant with no cancer, he'll have a better cure rate that way! we have been SO blessed and God has carried us this far, i just know He has a powerful plan for this second half of our journey, whatever that may be! I am confident in that promise! There's power in prayer, and you all have done SO much for us by praying!
BIG HUGS to every one of you reading our blog! We love you! (Even the one's we don't know, thank you for sharing in our journey, it means a lot that you would take time to follow!)

I'll be in touch soon!
Luv, Melissa (and Colin, too!)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Out on pass!

Well today I went back after my 2 day pass to go lay in a boring hospital bed again. They took my blood sample, we waited for result, saw a doctor and then were on our way back to Andrew and Nat's for 2 more days out on pass. I don't need to go back for blood tests until Thursday. I think they don't have enough beds and I also am glad they don't need me sitting at the hospital while I can be out on pass. The only thing is, if we would have know I would only have to go back every couple days, Melissa would have maybe brought the boys up to see me. Maybe its for the best because I am susceptible to infection now, and I sleep lots too!

Today we also received a package of information for my stem cell transplant. I have until the middle of Oct before we start chemo again and its only for 3 days, then we wait and they will collect my stem cells the first week in November. I will have some time off then until the last dose of chemo and November 30 I receive my stem cells transplant! It seems like a long time but the amount of days I actually will spend in chemo treatments is small in the big picture.

Melissa and I are just relexing here at Andrew and Nat's home. We are so fortunate to have them close by to take us in. I have been eating all the great food Nat cooks as well as some other food which is just for calories. Its all good though, will the time line we were given I can see hopefully when I might return to work, depending on how my recovery goes. Also I see being to get back into shape and hopefully how that looks, being able to start walking more and then jogging. I would like to be jogging again in February if my body and recovery allows. We will see.

Anyways I will be out of hospital until Thursday for sure unless an infection or something happens that we cannot take care of at home. We will let everyone know once we are back in hospital or maybe even home to Med Hat for a few days.

Be blessed.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gotta Keep Ya in the Loop

So, i have to apologize, neither Colin or I have update you all on the couple of days events, so i should fill you all in! So Murphy's Law, is whenever i'm trying to find a couple of days to quickly come home, something happens where i'm torn with leaving Colin. Last time, it was his bad mouth sores and feeling awful after round 1 of chemo, and now this weekend, he's been given a pass to be out of the hospital! They wouldn't let him come all the way home, just out in Calgary, so my brother Andy, so graciously picked him up and Andy and Nat, my sister in law, have been taking care of him while i'm here in Medicine Hat with the kids. I had a brief thought that we could jump in the car and go spend the weekend, but we weren't sure how long the pass was for, so it didn't really work out to go up........when i left, i just knew something like that would happen, but i'm just glad he doesn't have to be in the hospital by himself, at least he's in a home with family and 'normal' all around him.
We want to specifically thank the staff and friends at Totem, this weekend they had a benefit BBQ for our family.....what BIG hearts these people have and to all of you who attended, THANK YOU! It means SO much to know that you're all still supporting us through this journey. We want you all to know how comforting it is to have you behind us! Words will never be able to express the Thanks in our hearts for what everyone has done for our family! Corban and I pray every day we're together, for blessings on the people who are walking with us, God has used you to provide for us! What an answer to our prayers!

With that, i need to go do some much needed cuddling with my little Corban, Keegan is snuggled in his bed havin' a nap, so the pace of life is slowed just for a few hours! heehee

I'll make sure Colin takes a moment to write on how he's doing specifically, when we talked today, he sounded bright and chipper, and happy to have another pass! God is Good!


Friday, September 18, 2009

Halfway there.

Hey Folks, Colin here this time. Melissa left me all alone to go be with the boys for the weekend. Good news is though, I probably won't have to stay in hospital the entire time she is gone. I might be getting a pass tomorrow depending on how my head is feeling with all the headaches and stuff. I haven't been sick for 4 or 5 days now and my appetite is slowly coming back.

Talking with the doc today, she said I won't be getting another Spinal chemo on Sunday because they have been clear for so long. Also I will be getting tests done in the next couple weeks to see how the rest of my body is doing in order to get ready for the stem cell harvest and then transplant.

My cells should bottom out in a couple of days then start coming back to normal ranges. Once in the normal ranges, another CT scan will be done to see if my stomach and other organs are all clear of any bad cells. Also another bone marrow biopsy will be done to see how my bone marrow is doing. Once those are complete, I will be home again for a time, then back to hospital where I will be re-admitted under the Tom Baker Cancer Centre and the Transplant team. They will run a set a chemo then as my cells start coming back, harvest off stem cells for the transplant. Before the transplant they give me another heavy dose of chem to kill off any last remaining cells then right away pump my own stem cells into my body to restart growing healthy blood cells.

So that's what my journey looks like for the rest of the treatments. We are still not out of the woods yet as the chemo gets more intense in the final efforts to kill the rest of the bad cells. The bright side is I shouldn't need anymore Spinal chemos! Please keep praying for strength and courage through this time. Melissa was able to go home today to see the kids and will be back Monday night again with me. Please pray for safety on the roads for her as she drives so much. Take care and be blessed,


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Family Time

hey Everyone,
Today was a much needed day of rest for Colin. The first day of no meds and no chemo! Only thing left is two more spinals ending on Sunday! Colin was able to get up and feel good enough to go for more than one walk with me throughout the day. We were even able to get outside for some fresh air and some sunshine. I was pretty proud of him, he kept a good pace, i think it might have even been considered exercise for healthy people! I mean that in the best way possible, at this point any movement is considered exercise for chemo patients! His supper request was Wendy's and that's when i knew things are looking up! He ate a really BIG burger, i was full just looking at him! So tonite we are going to watch a good movie and have some good quality time, and then i'm headed home tomorrow. I need to be with the boys for a few days, even though i hate to leave, i keep reminding myself that he's in good hands, but it doesn't make it any easier to leave!
i pray that Colin feels well enough throughout the weekend to leave some of his own updates, since i know that you all would love to hear straight from him!
So with that, Colin and i wish you a good nite. Have some quality family time, do it for us! Hold your kiddies and loved ones close and just enjoy every minute of being together!

Love, Missy (and Colin, too!)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pretty Uneventful

Another day is almost over and this day marks the last of the IV chemo fort his round! The last 5 days have been the most intense so far, the 4 or 5 different chemo drugs that were given to Colin this time all caused the same symptoms, so he's had more than a double-wammy of nausea, vomitting, tiredness and a whole gammet of other really unpleasant things. He also has 2 more spinals on the schedule, the last of them being on Sunday, and then i think we're officially done with the spinal injections. Today Colin had to go down to X-Ray to get his spinal chemo, the Doc wasn't able to do it up in his room, so now he's sleeping and having to lay flat for 2 prevent another headache. This morning he still had remnants of his first spinal headache, but he was in good spirits, and we were able to laugh and talk more than we have since Friday! I actually crawled into bed with him and had a little nap, myself! When you're tired, everything seems incredibly comfortable, even hospital beds!
There's really nothing more to report today, kinda quiet and uneventful, but those days are good. Colin's chemo is only starting now for the day, because of his spinal, so he'll have a long nite, but pray that he sleeps through all the side-effects! That's been the trend so far, and i think that's what's getting him through! On a praise note, he's kept all his meals down today! YEAY! So i hope this marks the end of the extreme nausea!
Thank you for those encouraging comments! You have no idea how much it uplifts us, so thank you!

I hope tomorrow marks the start of some good days ahead! i'll keep ya posted!

Luv, Missy

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I know the day is not yet over, but i thought i would just write and let you know that today, although Colin was more coherent, just really isn't that much better than yesturday. I was hoping he'd have some relief at least from his headache, but it took most of the morning to get the pain under control again, and he managed to get breakfast down to stay. Wish i could say the same for lunch, and i'm thinking supper will be a write off as well. He's comfortable though now with help from the meds, so that's a good thing. This round of chemo has really thrown Colin under the bus with EXTREME exhaustion and nausea so he's getting hit from all angles right now. I guess rashes are quite common with the chemo meds that he's on, too, so there's signs of some sort of rash coming as well, but nothing bad enough to warrent any action at this point. Tomorrow is the end of IV chemo for this round, so there will be relief soon. We just have to keep praying for that spinal headache, and hopefully with the two other injections booked for Wednesday and Friday there won't be any worse pain.

Thank you for your encouragement to keep's good to hear, and it gives us energy to keep going! Thanks again for your prayers, please don't stop, we need them very much!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Wishing it all away

Hi all!
it's Melissa here, and what a horrible day we've had....whoa, it think this one tops the charts so far.....Colin's been fighting yet another day with his spinal headache with no prevail and to make matters just that much worse, everytime he tries to get up, he throws up, so he's had a little fluids by mouth today but mostly by IV just to make sure his body keeps on filtering the chemo. Through trial and error, we've found what works, now at almost 7pm......morphine mixed with gravol and some anti-nauseants. All he can do is sleep, but i think the only thing that can make him find relief is sleep, so i'm thankful he can do that!
We had an appointment today with the Bone Marrow Transplant Doc's and they are hopeful the Stem-Cell Transplant will really up his chances to ultimately be cured from this disease, so we're praying for that miracle! Thank God for modern medicine and breakthroughs like this. They harvest Colin's stem cells, freeze them and after he's all done treatment, reinject his cells back in, and he's good as new! (over some time, of course!) Please pray that they can get the testing done that they need too, to be able to harvest his cells after this round of chemo, to have to wait another round will push us back, and we really don't want to be here any longer than we have to be. i'm praying they have all they need, to be able to get it done sooner rather than later!

i've had a lot of time to think today, i don't know if that's a good thing, but i think the reality of our situation is still sinking just plain sucks......i wish we didn't have to do this and that Colin didn't have to endure this pain. i wish i could take it away, but i can't, and i can't change what has happened. It's the prayers of you guys that carry us and get us to the next day. There's a comfort in knowing that we're not alone, even though we may feel like it at times, we both know there are so many thinking and praying for us~i'm afraid to think of how we would cope, otherwise!

Today i just wish, even for an hour or a few minutes, that it could all go away....

I sure hope tomorrow is better!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our little Boys...

Hi, it's Melissa here, i just wanted to add a prayer request if i may.....I've talked to Corban twice today, he's having one of those days that he's missing us, and it's almost more painful to talk, because he's reminded that we're not there with him. It was heartbreaking to hear his cries and not be able to be there to hug and love him! Wow, it makes my heart hurt to think about it. Anyways, i just thought if you all could say a prayer for our boys to help them through this difficult time, that would really help a lot! We are so thankful to my parents who have so graciously taken them during the times that i'm away. Please also say a prayer for extra strength for my parents as well, it means more than they'll ever know that they've helped love and care for our boys during this time, they'll never know just how thankful we are for how they've helped! Not to mention our good friends who have so generously offered to help with the boys while my mom and dad are at work, you will never know how much we appreciate your time and efforts to love and spend time with our boys! THANK YOU!
ok, i've wiped my tears, and i should stop now, before they come again.

Colin is hangin' in there, tired and nauseous, still on chemo, won't be done till late tonite again, but we were able to go for another walk this afternoon and the warm sun was refreshing and so nice! It's funny how the world just keeps spinning while ours feels like it's grinded to a hault! BUT God is good, ALL THE TIME! I'm learning to be more conscious of His ever-present blessings, however big or small they may be!

We're both just missing home and being "normal".

Thank you for your prayers!


Day 2 round 2

Day 2 of chemo is going well for me today. We started at noon and I am on my second medication now. I did have a headache this morning again, but now I feel good. We are so thankful that the side effects are still minimal. Everyone's prayers are working and the Lord is answering them for all of us.

That's about all the new news I have for today as it has been pretty uneventful. Oh yeah, Melissa and I went for a walk outside this morning and it was a beautiful day out. Fresh air was great and it was nice to be out of my room again.

A little side note for those who are following this in the Lower Mainland in BC. Mom and Dad are getting 'Team Burritt' wristbands in the mail this week and if you would like to get one of these, Mom said to get a hold of them and they would arrange for you to get some.

Be blessed


Saturday, September 12, 2009

More on Today

Hi, again, I just wanted to let you know that Colin had a really good nap just after they hooked him up to the chemo at noon, and when we woke up at 230pm, he was feeling much better! PRAISE GOD! i was cringing with how he was going to be in rough shape today, but i know there must have been some people praying, because his headache is just a very dull pain and his nausea is under control.......tonite he thought he would try to eat supper, but he's just now fallen asleep again. He's just feeling SO awful, then again, they've given him a series of chemo drugs today starting at noon, and ending sometime tonite around 10 or 11pm! It's been a long day, and he's over half way through. Every time they start a new cycle of chemo the first day, they hit you really hard with the highest dosages. He's gonna feel really bad before it gets better again, so he just wants to get it over with, i think we both do!

I know that i breezed over the fact that the Doc's think his cancer is over 95% gone but we were both just wide-eyed and floored by that news!!!!! Again, PRAISE GOD! Colin is doing amazing at fighting and God is strengthening him!!!!! These daily blessings and answered prayers, make the tougher times much easier to handle. Colin is my hero, he is so strong, and never does he complain about this process or what he's been given. God has BIG plans for him! I'm honored to be in the passenger seat!

Colin is comfortably sleeping through his chemo treatments right now, and i'm hoping he continues and has a good night's sleep.
i'll make sure i update in the morning!


The Rundown

Hi! We're back to the grind and it's Missy here again! i've been having the worst luck on trying to post on the blog, yesturday and this morning, so forgive me for not getting some updates out sooner!
Yesturday we arrived up in Calgary at 2pm and we were pleasantly surprised that we won't have to worry about sharing rooms, when we have passes to leave. ok, so every time we have a pass to come home, Colin loses his room, so we were nervous that he would get stuck in a room with someone else.....but i guess with the aggressiveness of the chemo schedule, he will always have his own room, so there was a comfort in knowing that!
At 7pm last nite (Friday), Colin recieved another spinal chemo injection, again his cell counts are awesome, but they just wanted to kick the cancer while it's down and really kill it. The Doc sedated Colin just enough to make us all laugh until we were crying, so we had a good night!

This morning is a different story, i arrived and Colin and i talked to the Doc about how he was responding to treatment so far.....she figured the cancer is already 95-99% gone, but again, they hit it while it's down and really do everything they can to kill it so there will he a higher chance of a cure rate. As soon as she left though, he started throwing up and now he has a cripling spinal headache, so i wish we could be more excited about how he is so positively responding, but we're just trying to get his pain under control, so he stops throwing up enough, to get his chemo for the day.....oh boy....this could be a long one!
The headache is common, the Doc checked him thoroughly and said there wasn't anything more serious going on, and that she was sure it was from the spinal. These headaches can last up to 2-3 days, so please pray that it won't last any longer than today, and that the pain can be managed with little to no nausea!

Our goodbye to the boys was better than we expected and they are happy to have had the time with their Daddy this last week! Colin is renewed with a determination to get this over with and he is firmly believing that he will be healed, by the power of our God, and the chemo is only going to help that along!
I will update as things progress today, just please be praying for Colin's pain......he's finally managed to fall asleep, hopefully sleep relieves the pain for a time, until they start the chemo!

i'll be in touch soon, please keep praying!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Home sweet home

Well my time at home is coming to a close tomorrow morning and then Melissa and I are heading back to Calgary for the next chemo treatments. I have had an amazing time at home with the boys and Melissa. Corban is actually is sitting on my lap right now as I write this blog. He has been pretty clingy which is a good thing because I think it will help as I go back to Calgary. He knows we are going tomorrow but he also knows I will be home soon again. It still will be hard to leave.

Today we went out because I needed a pair of jeans that fit. My old jeans are way too big right now, so we just bought one pair to get me through until I can pack the weight back on. It was nice to get out of the house and be 'normal' if you can call our family normal! We went to Timmy's for coffee for Melissa and "frappaccino" for Corban and I. After that we went to the car wash because the car was covered in bugs from travelling. Corban loved the car wash, but as soon as the soap covered the windows Keegan started to cry because he couldn't see out anymore.

Yesterday was a great day as well. I went to 'work' if you want to call it that. I went down to the police station to see co-workers/friends, and to say thanks for all the support we have been given by the department. I met so many new people who are all praying for us, sorry if I don't remember all your names, but I will try. I was able to see some familiar faces from training and also the crew I was to work on was working yesterday so I talked with some of the members I would have been working with on the streets. I also sat down with the K-9 guys for a coffee in the lunch room. We talked a bit about my treatments but it was mostly a 'normal' conversation. Being around the station and sitting chatting with various members was awesome because it just made me excited to be healthy so I can work with all those amazing people who work for the MHPS!

I am going to miss being at home. Everything was starting to feel like it was before I was diagnosed. I also want to get going to Calgary because I know the sooner I get through treatment, the sooner I can be at home for good with the family.

Please pray for Melissa and I as we travel to Calgary tomorrow morning. Also Corban and Keegan are going to be staying with Glen and Sue again until Melissa comes home, hopefully with me! It's hard for all of us to be separated, but I know we will all be together very soon and the only time I will leave is to go to work! Please pray for my treatments that they go well and the side effects are minimal again. It just makes it more bare able to do if I know the side effects are limited.

We love you all and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for absolutely everything everyone has done for us. We cannot say enough how much we are thankful for our family, friends, co-workers, community and everyone who is on this journey with us! Be blessed and may God be with you in all you do!

In Christ,


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Days at home!

Hi Everyone! It has been so great to be at home this week so far! I still have 3 and half days with my boys before Melissa and I head back to Calgary for round 2.

Yesterday was an awesome day! In the morning our family went down to the police station with Glen (Insp Motz) and Sue, Melissa's parents to meet with Chief McGrogan. I wanted to talk with him and thank him for all the police service has done for us so far and when I get a chance, hopefully Wednesday, I want to go down to the station again and thank as many people as I can for their support.

Anyways, I got side tracked a little there. The other reason we went to meet with the Chief was to receive my badge! I was so excited when I was told I was going to get it yesterday! It's kind of silly, but I keep saying things to Melissa then flashing her my badge, she just laughs! I received my parchment as well from the Chief from the Centre for Advancement in Community Justice. It was nice to see the Chief again as well as be in the station. I brought down some things I don't want at home and put them in my locker. I did wear a uniform and with the weight I had lost, I had a little extra fabric in my shirt. Even without hair my forage cap still fit too, but I think that was because it stuck to my head.

After I talked to the Chief, I went back into the locker room to change and there was Cst Sean Wentzel! He was a roommate and classmate during recruit training. Also Sgt Fishley was in the changeroom so the three of chatted a bit before I left to go home. Seeing firmiliar faces and co-workers was awesome, it gives me an extra jolt of energy and excitement to beat this Lymphoma and get back to serve with them.

The greatest boost of energy comes from being at home with my boys! They are awesome. Corban learned how to snap his fingers and is super cuddly with me! I love it! He always looks at me and says, "Daddy, I love you!" It warms my heart everytime he says it and it's often. This morning he came up to me and asked if I was getting better and I told him I was getting better already and he ran to Melissa to tell her! Keegan in a mover and shaker as well. He walks everywhere and anytime music comes on he stops and does a little dance! I am so thankful I can lift him up and play with him, his little smile brightens a whole room!

Today is going well, I am not so tired today, but I probably will lay down on the couch to rest this afternoon. We might even venture out somewhere today to get some fresh air. Maybe just a walk around the block. Well folks, I should go help Melissa with lunch for the boys and a little something for me too. Thanks again for all your prayers, you helped me get this week at home with my family and for that I am truly greatful!


Sunday, September 6, 2009

BIG Surprises!

I just wanted everyone to know that I got to drive Colin HOME today! He was let out on a pass until FRIDAY!!!! WOWEEE! We never told the boys, so we drove to mom and dad's and surprised them! it was awesome! Corban just couldn't believe that we were home with him! How i've taken for granted just watching them play, and how cute they are! What a great week this will be! I just wanted to ask for some specific prayers, if that's ok. Colin is so happy to be home, but he tires very easy, so please pray that his health and blood counts will continue to stay stable and be on the rise to normal ranges. Also, that no fever or infections will affect him in any way, that would force us to leave early! It means SO much for Colin to see his boys and for us to be a family, even just for a few days! My prayer is that the days will go slowly, so we can maximize our time together!
i'll make sure to post how we're enjoying our week! Just wanted you to share in our joy! What a blessing to be home! All under one roof!

His next schedule of chemo begins already on Friday when we arrive in Calgary, i guess the quicker they can move through this process, the quicker it can all be over with and we can have Colin back home for good!
Love all your comments! Our world has some pretty amazing people in it!

Luv, Missy

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Today is GOOD!

Hey Everyone, Colin here this time. I thought I would give Melissa a break for all the hard work she has been doing! Isn't she the best wife in the whole wide world! A round of applause please!!!!!!! I love you so much Melissa and am so blessed to have you as my wife, you are the strongest person I know! I don't think she has received enough credit and praise for what she has been able to juggle through this last month and a bit. Praise be to God for the strength He has given to her and to watch over me her as I endure the pain and sleepless nights. Thanks dear, I love you so much!

I had those feelings this morning as I read her blog she wrote lastnight. I am ever amazed at her strength to keep enduring days of sitting by my side at the hospital either watching me sleep or just feeling rotten, but also the days were we sit and chat and laugh about the silliest of things! Today is good and God is blessing us for working hard at beating this Burkitt Lymphoma he placed before us. I am writing this from Andrew and Nat's house, out on a day pass. All my cell counts were good today and my white cell counts were even 5. On Monday they were .2. So my body is able to fight off infections now so I don't need to wear any masks unless I am in a big crowd. It's the long weekend, I am not going to a mall, Golftown maybe, mall NO.

So here I sit all alone on my day pass. Not because people think I stink or don't like me, but Andrew and Nat are out with their kids, Melissa is out with some friends who came up to Calgary to take her shopping today and I was sleeping. I think after this I am going to fire up Andrew's Nintendo Wii and play for a bit.

Thank you again to all who have been praying for us, as today is a day where your prayers and our have been answered. We love all of you even though we don't even know some of you, but to keep us this close to you hearts in this time, means the world to us and when I get the chance to see you in person, I will be sure to thank you!

I just want to say to Corban and Keegan, Daddy misses you and will hopefully see you really soon! Hugs and kisses!

More Answered Prayers...

Hi! i just wanted to write something quick, today is a WAY better day for Colin! He had a great sleep last nite and he's chipper and very happy today! PRAISE GOD! His blood counts are up and his white blood cells are up to the normal range! No worries about infections!!!!!!! YEAY! we haven't talked to the Doc's today, but i'm sure they'll be happy with his progress! Also, i just wanted to add that your prayers for healing in Colin's mouth have also been answered! His blisters in his lips and the cuts are all closed up and healed over, so food is not such a foe!!!!
Lots to be thankful for! YEAY! just wanted you all to know that God hears our prayers!
i'll post more when we know more!


Friday, September 4, 2009

Ok, so today wasn't such a good day.....Colin just felt off, all day long. He was very tired and just not feeling up to anything other than sleeping. He had a spinal injection of chemo just after lunch, and when he came back from that, he was VERY nauseous. Some anti-nausea meds worked for a time, but after some more sleep, the sick feeling returned with vengance, and we had a long evening. MORE meds by IV this time, to help him keep at least his fluids down, so when i left around 9pm, he was tucked into bed and ready for some more sleep. I pray he gets some good sleep tonite, and i'm also praying there is no fever. Nausea is a side effect of the specific chemo drug that was injected into his spine, but he has never been affected before like this, so we're kinda confused on why now after 5 injections. I should mention that this one was a precautionary measure, just to make sure they keep the cancer cells away, there will be a few more worked into his next chemo schedules.
Colin is so strong, and he has such a high pain tolerance, that's why it hurts even more, when i see him in such discomfort, i wish i could do something to take it all away, or at least to make it a bit better, but i had no such luck's really difficult to be on the side-lines watching the one you love most in this world, endure so much, now is the time we lean on your many prayers!
i pray tomorrow is even just a little bit better for him, or at least that his sleep tonite would relieve his symptoms!
i thank God for your comments of encouragment and prayers, we are blown away at how many are gathered around us!
Blessings on You!!!!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Most Important Praise!

Hey, i can't believe when i posted a few minutes ago, that i forgot to tell you guys the most important part of our talk with the Doc. He told us there was no more cancer cells in Colin's spinal fluid in and around the brain!!!!! YEAY!!! Praise our powerful Lord! i'm so glad that even after only 3 short weeks, we already know beyond a shadow of any doubt that God is using this chemo effectively to take this cancer away!
Just thought you'd all want to know how powerful your prayers are, and how God is using each and every one of you to heal Colin's body! YOU HAVE NO IDEA THE IMPACT YOUR MAKING ON COLIN'S LIFE AND OUR FAMILY! WE LOVE YOU ALL! THANK YOU!

We have it Figured Out

Hi! It's Melissa here again today, i just went in to change the comment settings on our blog, and now it doesn't require you to be a member to post a comment, so post away! Sorry, we're just figuring out how this whole blog thing works, so i'll make sure those settings are saved for anyone to comment on any of our postings! We'd love to hear from all of those who are walking this journey with us!
Colin and i talked to a Resident Doc this morning, who was very pleased that he hasn't had a fever in 48 hours! i think that is a personal record since Colin has been admitted. There never has been any infection with his fevers, but with treatment being so aggressive and his immune system being so supressed, they always have to be more careful. Yes, so no fever, very good, his mouth is slowly healing, everyday is a bit better than the last, and today he started eating solid foods again! YEAY.....they were very happy about his wanting to get everything back to normal again, helps him heal and get stronger for the next round of chemo. He's eased off of his morphine as well, so the pain in slowly subsiding. VERY GOOD!
Last night before i left the hospital we went for our usual walk around the unit (until he's unhooked from his IV tower, we're limited on where we can venture off too) It was good to talk with the nurses and just walk and talk and be together!
I can say now, that i know Colin looks very cute with a bald head, his whiskers are falling out and he's even losing a few of his eyebrow hairs! He's smiling and joking, and laughing a lot (although it hurts a little to laugh). Thank God for life, no matter where we are, we have laughter and love and we Praise God for those very special blessings! Wow, the littlest things mean the world, when we realize how fragile life can be!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Resting Period

Good Evening, it's Melissa here......back in Calgary, had a good trip up today and Corban actually didn't even cry when i left Medicine Hat! What an answered prayer! My heart was heavy all day leading up to saying goodbye to him, and he was excited for what the rest of the week's events were going to be! It made it MUCH easier to leave! Thank You, LORD, for answering our prayers to help our boys!
I was up at the hospital for a few hours tonite when i got into town and Colin seemed good....he can't talk very loud, nor can he talk for long periods of time, so our chats were kinda choppy, but he looked good.....even like he had put on more weight (which he had, indeed!) That's a very good thing, considering he hasn't been eating too much with his mouth sores so bad!
He's finally completed chemo for this to rest and heal up for the next one. We are told it could be anywhere from 5 days to 2 weeks or more until he begins chemo again, all depending on how fast his body brings his blood levels into the normal ranges. The Doc's are hopeful that the pain, swelling and difficulties in his mouth should be subsiding throughout this week, so i'm praying for it to be sooner than later!
My stay at home was good, busy, regrouping, and tieing up lose ends and stuff, but i was expecting that. I know next time it will get easier, but it's gonna take some getting used too, that Colin isn't coming back for a very long time. That was the hardest part, it just not having him around with us in our day to day lives.....i guess him being away at training, was God's way of preparing us for this process now! Anyways, i need to get some sleep, i'll post more tomorrow, when we know how Colin is responding to the transfusions and all that fun stuff!
It was nice to see familiar faces when i was home, good to get hugs and support from our family and friends! THANK YOU!