Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Days at home!

Hi Everyone! It has been so great to be at home this week so far! I still have 3 and half days with my boys before Melissa and I head back to Calgary for round 2.

Yesterday was an awesome day! In the morning our family went down to the police station with Glen (Insp Motz) and Sue, Melissa's parents to meet with Chief McGrogan. I wanted to talk with him and thank him for all the police service has done for us so far and when I get a chance, hopefully Wednesday, I want to go down to the station again and thank as many people as I can for their support.

Anyways, I got side tracked a little there. The other reason we went to meet with the Chief was to receive my badge! I was so excited when I was told I was going to get it yesterday! It's kind of silly, but I keep saying things to Melissa then flashing her my badge, she just laughs! I received my parchment as well from the Chief from the Centre for Advancement in Community Justice. It was nice to see the Chief again as well as be in the station. I brought down some things I don't want at home and put them in my locker. I did wear a uniform and with the weight I had lost, I had a little extra fabric in my shirt. Even without hair my forage cap still fit too, but I think that was because it stuck to my head.

After I talked to the Chief, I went back into the locker room to change and there was Cst Sean Wentzel! He was a roommate and classmate during recruit training. Also Sgt Fishley was in the changeroom so the three of chatted a bit before I left to go home. Seeing firmiliar faces and co-workers was awesome, it gives me an extra jolt of energy and excitement to beat this Lymphoma and get back to serve with them.

The greatest boost of energy comes from being at home with my boys! They are awesome. Corban learned how to snap his fingers and is super cuddly with me! I love it! He always looks at me and says, "Daddy, I love you!" It warms my heart everytime he says it and it's often. This morning he came up to me and asked if I was getting better and I told him I was getting better already and he ran to Melissa to tell her! Keegan in a mover and shaker as well. He walks everywhere and anytime music comes on he stops and does a little dance! I am so thankful I can lift him up and play with him, his little smile brightens a whole room!

Today is going well, I am not so tired today, but I probably will lay down on the couch to rest this afternoon. We might even venture out somewhere today to get some fresh air. Maybe just a walk around the block. Well folks, I should go help Melissa with lunch for the boys and a little something for me too. Thanks again for all your prayers, you helped me get this week at home with my family and for that I am truly greatful!



  1. Colin that is great news and im so looking forward to the day you pull me over for speeding lol lol and hopefully you will let me off easy glad u r home for a bit and cherish the moments with your kids take care . Brian

  2. What great news!! Sooo glad that you are able to be home for the week. Get your strength up for round 2 and know you will beat this thing!! Relax, rest, play, watch movies, eat junk food, take lots of pictures, cuddle your boys and get lots of hugs and kisses! Kaleb isn't far from you,,I'm sure he would love to see you and show you his bachelor pad! Sooo glad that you got your badge and just keep getting better!! Love ya!
    Auntie Dawna for the Motz men too!!