Thursday, September 17, 2009

Family Time

hey Everyone,
Today was a much needed day of rest for Colin. The first day of no meds and no chemo! Only thing left is two more spinals ending on Sunday! Colin was able to get up and feel good enough to go for more than one walk with me throughout the day. We were even able to get outside for some fresh air and some sunshine. I was pretty proud of him, he kept a good pace, i think it might have even been considered exercise for healthy people! I mean that in the best way possible, at this point any movement is considered exercise for chemo patients! His supper request was Wendy's and that's when i knew things are looking up! He ate a really BIG burger, i was full just looking at him! So tonite we are going to watch a good movie and have some good quality time, and then i'm headed home tomorrow. I need to be with the boys for a few days, even though i hate to leave, i keep reminding myself that he's in good hands, but it doesn't make it any easier to leave!
i pray that Colin feels well enough throughout the weekend to leave some of his own updates, since i know that you all would love to hear straight from him!
So with that, Colin and i wish you a good nite. Have some quality family time, do it for us! Hold your kiddies and loved ones close and just enjoy every minute of being together!

Love, Missy (and Colin, too!)

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