Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gotta Keep Ya in the Loop

So, i have to apologize, neither Colin or I have update you all on the couple of days events, so i should fill you all in! So Murphy's Law, is whenever i'm trying to find a couple of days to quickly come home, something happens where i'm torn with leaving Colin. Last time, it was his bad mouth sores and feeling awful after round 1 of chemo, and now this weekend, he's been given a pass to be out of the hospital! They wouldn't let him come all the way home, just out in Calgary, so my brother Andy, so graciously picked him up and Andy and Nat, my sister in law, have been taking care of him while i'm here in Medicine Hat with the kids. I had a brief thought that we could jump in the car and go spend the weekend, but we weren't sure how long the pass was for, so it didn't really work out to go up........when i left, i just knew something like that would happen, but i'm just glad he doesn't have to be in the hospital by himself, at least he's in a home with family and 'normal' all around him.
We want to specifically thank the staff and friends at Totem, this weekend they had a benefit BBQ for our family.....what BIG hearts these people have and to all of you who attended, THANK YOU! It means SO much to know that you're all still supporting us through this journey. We want you all to know how comforting it is to have you behind us! Words will never be able to express the Thanks in our hearts for what everyone has done for our family! Corban and I pray every day we're together, for blessings on the people who are walking with us, God has used you to provide for us! What an answer to our prayers!

With that, i need to go do some much needed cuddling with my little Corban, Keegan is snuggled in his bed havin' a nap, so the pace of life is slowed just for a few hours! heehee

I'll make sure Colin takes a moment to write on how he's doing specifically, when we talked today, he sounded bright and chipper, and happy to have another pass! God is Good!


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  1. Hey Colin,

    Thinking happy thoughts about you and yours and praying for you and your family. Keep happy and in good spirits. Thank you for taking the time to blog and keep everyone up to speed.

    Stay strong,
    James Burn :)