Sunday, September 6, 2009

BIG Surprises!

I just wanted everyone to know that I got to drive Colin HOME today! He was let out on a pass until FRIDAY!!!! WOWEEE! We never told the boys, so we drove to mom and dad's and surprised them! it was awesome! Corban just couldn't believe that we were home with him! How i've taken for granted just watching them play, and how cute they are! What a great week this will be! I just wanted to ask for some specific prayers, if that's ok. Colin is so happy to be home, but he tires very easy, so please pray that his health and blood counts will continue to stay stable and be on the rise to normal ranges. Also, that no fever or infections will affect him in any way, that would force us to leave early! It means SO much for Colin to see his boys and for us to be a family, even just for a few days! My prayer is that the days will go slowly, so we can maximize our time together!
i'll make sure to post how we're enjoying our week! Just wanted you to share in our joy! What a blessing to be home! All under one roof!

His next schedule of chemo begins already on Friday when we arrive in Calgary, i guess the quicker they can move through this process, the quicker it can all be over with and we can have Colin back home for good!
Love all your comments! Our world has some pretty amazing people in it!

Luv, Missy


  1. Enjoy your time together as a family and will pray that all will go well with Colin this week while he is at home and that he doesn't over do it. Praise God. Henny

  2. Thats great news guys!! Enjoy your week at home!

  3. How wonderful!!!!! This will be such an amazing time for you all. Enjoy and know you are in our prayers here in Pearl Harbor!!!! The Bradshaw's

  4. Missy...I've been praying for you every day from Hungary! What a journey the Lord has asked your family to walk on. We love you and are praying through every phase and stage. Missy, you ARE an awesome, amazing wifey and mommy. I'm overjoyed that God has allowed you some precious family time with the boys. What a treasure!!!

    Thank you for your blog. I know you are touching lives and hearts with your sincere honesty and faith.

    God bless you both...your whole family. We are walking this journey with you in our prayers.


  5. Thats awsome news!! I hope the week goes by slowly. Have a good week at home!


  6. Oh what wonderful news! I know you will enjoy your days in your own home as a complete family so much! Soak up every moment.

    Our prayers continue...

    A. Lorrie

  7. Great News!! Enjoy your week together at home, as a family.

  8. We're rejoicing with you too! If you don't want to cook, let us know and we'll bring dinner by so you have more time to play with the boys ...

    Lisa W

  9. Enjoy every moment...Laugh lot's and spend as much time with the boy's as you can..
    Our prayers are with you alway's.. You are such an encouragement to us by your faith and sharing of your journey...
    God Bless you...
    Valinda Welk and Ed and Vi Heller

  10. HORRAY!!! I am thrilled to hear that Colin is home...home and family are such good medicine. Have such a fun week!!

    Love you guys. - Chandy

  11. I have been reading your blog from the beginning and Melissa, my heart goes out to you, I have been there, leaving your babies behind to care for your husband and missing those boys so much but wanting and knowing that being with Collin is the most important place for you at this time. My Boys were 1 and 2 when my Husband was in the Hospital fighting for his life almost 5 years ago. And its SO good to here you guys praising God through the good and the bad. Keep being Strong Girl your doing awsome for your family!! Enjoy the good moments, and hold strong in the tough ones, My Family's Prayers are with you all! Tracy Bergen