Friday, September 4, 2009

Ok, so today wasn't such a good day.....Colin just felt off, all day long. He was very tired and just not feeling up to anything other than sleeping. He had a spinal injection of chemo just after lunch, and when he came back from that, he was VERY nauseous. Some anti-nausea meds worked for a time, but after some more sleep, the sick feeling returned with vengance, and we had a long evening. MORE meds by IV this time, to help him keep at least his fluids down, so when i left around 9pm, he was tucked into bed and ready for some more sleep. I pray he gets some good sleep tonite, and i'm also praying there is no fever. Nausea is a side effect of the specific chemo drug that was injected into his spine, but he has never been affected before like this, so we're kinda confused on why now after 5 injections. I should mention that this one was a precautionary measure, just to make sure they keep the cancer cells away, there will be a few more worked into his next chemo schedules.
Colin is so strong, and he has such a high pain tolerance, that's why it hurts even more, when i see him in such discomfort, i wish i could do something to take it all away, or at least to make it a bit better, but i had no such luck's really difficult to be on the side-lines watching the one you love most in this world, endure so much, now is the time we lean on your many prayers!
i pray tomorrow is even just a little bit better for him, or at least that his sleep tonite would relieve his symptoms!
i thank God for your comments of encouragment and prayers, we are blown away at how many are gathered around us!
Blessings on You!!!!


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