Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Most Important Praise!

Hey, i can't believe when i posted a few minutes ago, that i forgot to tell you guys the most important part of our talk with the Doc. He told us there was no more cancer cells in Colin's spinal fluid in and around the brain!!!!! YEAY!!! Praise our powerful Lord! i'm so glad that even after only 3 short weeks, we already know beyond a shadow of any doubt that God is using this chemo effectively to take this cancer away!
Just thought you'd all want to know how powerful your prayers are, and how God is using each and every one of you to heal Colin's body! YOU HAVE NO IDEA THE IMPACT YOUR MAKING ON COLIN'S LIFE AND OUR FAMILY! WE LOVE YOU ALL! THANK YOU!


  1. that is WONDERFUL news!!!

    ~jon and erin coote

  2. That is AWESOME NEWS!! So glad to hear that....and that your temp is staying stable too!! We do serve a powerful God who knows you by name!! Gugs to both of you!
    Love Auntie Dawna

  3. oopps a "Gug" is the new name for a gigantic HUG!!!!
    Auntie Dawna

  4. A Friend of your auntie Dawna's was praying that God would hear our prayers!! You see, you didn't post anything on Wednesday... I went to bed worrying and prayed that God was with you - no matter what your Wednesday was like - He answered our prayers!! (You would think that as old as I am, I would have figured out this worry thing!!) Thanks to God for his faithfulness to us!!

    I pray that you will feel God's presence as you begin this chapter in your lives - one you didn't plan on... however, God does have a plan and we have to rest in Him for comfort and strength. The best part about our faith, is that all we have to do is allow God to help us and He will!! He will calm the roughest seas!!

    FAITH is not knowing that God can, but knowing that He will... This is more than a trendy little phrase - it is one of many of God's promises to us!!

    Thanks for the update! I needed it!!

  5. Melissa this truly is fantastic news. Colin and you as well as your family are in our thoughts and prayers always.

    Your friends at Totem

  6. Praise God! Continuing to pray.
    Love the Muirhead family

  7. What a great joy to hear of positive have been so strong and are an example to all of us. We love you and will continue to pray for as long as it takes. I check your blog everyday and appreciate you sharing specific requests for those who are praying! Kelly for Sheldon and the gang

  8. WOW great news you da man Colin in our thoughts and prayers Brian Tammy and Family

  9. Wow! Thank you Jesus! We are continually praying for your whole family!
    Ryan and Andrea Reinheller

  10. Our family has been praying daily too, and we are so glad to hear of your recent good news. Take each day as it comes, and know that you are being held in prayer by your friends and church family. Psalm 146 says it well, we don't put our trust in humans (no matter how skilled they are, and how grateful we can be for their expertise and care), we put our trust in the LORD.

    Love Lisa and the gang.

  11. Wow this is awesome news! Thank-you Jesus!
    we continue to pray for you guys and your family! and that God will continue his healing with his mighty hand!
    lots of love
    Amber and Aaron Davidson

  12. You don't know us, but we now know you and love you in Christ!! We're following your journey and are praying for you every step of the way. Praise our powerful Lord for getting you through all of this. So happy for the recent news that you are being healed and we pray for continued healing.... Hallelujia!!!

    Darcy and Andrea Durksen

  13. Colin and Melissa - I'm your Grandma Toews' sister Esther and we have been praying for you too. Our summer has been full of testings as well, but we have confidence that God is never far away, and he IS our healer! I got your blog address from Doris today and it's neat to follow your progress. We praise the Lord with you for the great results. Never give up!
    Love Esther

  14. Hi Colin and Melissa

    What great news for you today!
    Have been following along since I found out. Just want to let you know I have you are in my thoughts and prayers everyday.


  15. Hey there buddy,
    Glad to hear things are going in the right direction. Just wondering if I could get your email adress from you.
    Get back to me at