Thursday, September 3, 2009

We have it Figured Out

Hi! It's Melissa here again today, i just went in to change the comment settings on our blog, and now it doesn't require you to be a member to post a comment, so post away! Sorry, we're just figuring out how this whole blog thing works, so i'll make sure those settings are saved for anyone to comment on any of our postings! We'd love to hear from all of those who are walking this journey with us!
Colin and i talked to a Resident Doc this morning, who was very pleased that he hasn't had a fever in 48 hours! i think that is a personal record since Colin has been admitted. There never has been any infection with his fevers, but with treatment being so aggressive and his immune system being so supressed, they always have to be more careful. Yes, so no fever, very good, his mouth is slowly healing, everyday is a bit better than the last, and today he started eating solid foods again! YEAY.....they were very happy about his wanting to get everything back to normal again, helps him heal and get stronger for the next round of chemo. He's eased off of his morphine as well, so the pain in slowly subsiding. VERY GOOD!
Last night before i left the hospital we went for our usual walk around the unit (until he's unhooked from his IV tower, we're limited on where we can venture off too) It was good to talk with the nurses and just walk and talk and be together!
I can say now, that i know Colin looks very cute with a bald head, his whiskers are falling out and he's even losing a few of his eyebrow hairs! He's smiling and joking, and laughing a lot (although it hurts a little to laugh). Thank God for life, no matter where we are, we have laughter and love and we Praise God for those very special blessings! Wow, the littlest things mean the world, when we realize how fragile life can be!

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  1. Hi to you both...I am a sister to one of the police officers in Medicine Hat and have been following along with your journey since Marsh told me about it. My family lives in Hawaii where my husband is serving in the US Navy.I have been praying along with you both. You are such a blessing to my life...I can't tell you how uplifting your faith is to me. God works in such amazing ways and uses EVERYTHING for His purposes. Keep on, keeping on and know His hands are around you both. My prayers are with you daily.....Krista Bradshaw