Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our little Boys...

Hi, it's Melissa here, i just wanted to add a prayer request if i may.....I've talked to Corban twice today, he's having one of those days that he's missing us, and it's almost more painful to talk, because he's reminded that we're not there with him. It was heartbreaking to hear his cries and not be able to be there to hug and love him! Wow, it makes my heart hurt to think about it. Anyways, i just thought if you all could say a prayer for our boys to help them through this difficult time, that would really help a lot! We are so thankful to my parents who have so graciously taken them during the times that i'm away. Please also say a prayer for extra strength for my parents as well, it means more than they'll ever know that they've helped love and care for our boys during this time, they'll never know just how thankful we are for how they've helped! Not to mention our good friends who have so generously offered to help with the boys while my mom and dad are at work, you will never know how much we appreciate your time and efforts to love and spend time with our boys! THANK YOU!
ok, i've wiped my tears, and i should stop now, before they come again.

Colin is hangin' in there, tired and nauseous, still on chemo, won't be done till late tonite again, but we were able to go for another walk this afternoon and the warm sun was refreshing and so nice! It's funny how the world just keeps spinning while ours feels like it's grinded to a hault! BUT God is good, ALL THE TIME! I'm learning to be more conscious of His ever-present blessings, however big or small they may be!

We're both just missing home and being "normal".

Thank you for your prayers!



  1. Hi Melissa...I will pray for Corban and Keegan :) that this time will go by quickly for them and that they will keep busy to pass the time away. Love ya and so thankful for the good news for Colin, even though he has to feel terrible to get to the end of the process
    Take care!
    Love Auntie Dawna

  2. Consider it done....I will be specifically praying for this need for your little lambs from now on!
    Kelly Kurp.

  3. Dear Melissa,
    Cast every care on Him--He cares for you personally and deeply. What a privelage it is for us to have God in our lives no matter how difficult our journey. I know this is incrediably difficult you. Gerhard and I can only join in with hundred of others in praying for God's hand of healing on Colin. God is a God of miracles. We all must show our faith by believing that God will provide a way out for you.
    Your children are so precious and God too will help them through those days of separation from you. May God bring a calm and a peace to the children and to you both now as you are needing this right now. May the peace and grace of God's love fill your hearts and your spirits right now. Amen.

    Gerhard and Hilma Brost

  4. Melissa and Colin, I've been following your blog and praying for you. I saw Corban and Keegan in Sunday School yesterday, being loved by Karen and Krista, as usual, and your mom was in there, Melissa. This is not a path you would choose but please know that we are walking it with you as best we can, and you are never far from our thoughts.It's so great that God is showing his power in Colin's results, and it's also good that you can vent your frustration and impatience and be real as you walk through this. God is a real God who will walk with you through everything, and I'm just committing you to him now in prayer.