Friday, September 18, 2009

Halfway there.

Hey Folks, Colin here this time. Melissa left me all alone to go be with the boys for the weekend. Good news is though, I probably won't have to stay in hospital the entire time she is gone. I might be getting a pass tomorrow depending on how my head is feeling with all the headaches and stuff. I haven't been sick for 4 or 5 days now and my appetite is slowly coming back.

Talking with the doc today, she said I won't be getting another Spinal chemo on Sunday because they have been clear for so long. Also I will be getting tests done in the next couple weeks to see how the rest of my body is doing in order to get ready for the stem cell harvest and then transplant.

My cells should bottom out in a couple of days then start coming back to normal ranges. Once in the normal ranges, another CT scan will be done to see if my stomach and other organs are all clear of any bad cells. Also another bone marrow biopsy will be done to see how my bone marrow is doing. Once those are complete, I will be home again for a time, then back to hospital where I will be re-admitted under the Tom Baker Cancer Centre and the Transplant team. They will run a set a chemo then as my cells start coming back, harvest off stem cells for the transplant. Before the transplant they give me another heavy dose of chem to kill off any last remaining cells then right away pump my own stem cells into my body to restart growing healthy blood cells.

So that's what my journey looks like for the rest of the treatments. We are still not out of the woods yet as the chemo gets more intense in the final efforts to kill the rest of the bad cells. The bright side is I shouldn't need anymore Spinal chemos! Please keep praying for strength and courage through this time. Melissa was able to go home today to see the kids and will be back Monday night again with me. Please pray for safety on the roads for her as she drives so much. Take care and be blessed,



  1. Hi Colin,

    I hope you get to spend some time out of the hospital this weekend. There's sure some lovely weather out your way - we're not quite as warm here, but it's still beautiful!

    How great that you won't need any more spinals, and won't get any more headaches because of them.

    We're praying for you and think of you often.

    Uncle Tim & Auntie Lorrie

  2. Hi Colin,

    So sorry to hear about all this. I just talked to Sara today and she filled me in. We were thinking of stopping by tomorrow sometime to pay you a visit, but I guess if you're allowed to go out we might not see you. If you do get to leave the hospital tomorrow will you head home for a bit or will you be around Calgary?

    Thinking of you!


  3. Hi Colin
    grampa here
    So great to see you getting to this point in your treatment. It's not fun but you will succeed as our Lord is Great and he answers prayer, plus you have the best of doctor whom the Lord has blessed with wisdom for this task.We will keep praying. Grampa Toews

  4. Hooray for conquering round two or chemo! Rest up and rejoice that the spinals are over ...

    Lisa and family

  5. Good to see you posting on the blog again Colin! Great that you are making good progress and soon this will be behind are in our thoughts and prayers as God gives you His strength to keep conquering!!
    Love ya Auntie Dawna for the Motz men too :)

  6. Hi Colin & Melissa

    My heart goes out to you both and I pray for you daily whenever God puts you on my mind. Even though this is my first comment on your blog you have been on my mind so much. Remember as you are on this journey, that God is powerful when we are powerless! Love & Hugs Delynne