Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pretty Uneventful

Another day is almost over and this day marks the last of the IV chemo fort his round! The last 5 days have been the most intense so far, the 4 or 5 different chemo drugs that were given to Colin this time all caused the same symptoms, so he's had more than a double-wammy of nausea, vomitting, tiredness and a whole gammet of other really unpleasant things. He also has 2 more spinals on the schedule, the last of them being on Sunday, and then i think we're officially done with the spinal injections. Today Colin had to go down to X-Ray to get his spinal chemo, the Doc wasn't able to do it up in his room, so now he's sleeping and having to lay flat for 2 prevent another headache. This morning he still had remnants of his first spinal headache, but he was in good spirits, and we were able to laugh and talk more than we have since Friday! I actually crawled into bed with him and had a little nap, myself! When you're tired, everything seems incredibly comfortable, even hospital beds!
There's really nothing more to report today, kinda quiet and uneventful, but those days are good. Colin's chemo is only starting now for the day, because of his spinal, so he'll have a long nite, but pray that he sleeps through all the side-effects! That's been the trend so far, and i think that's what's getting him through! On a praise note, he's kept all his meals down today! YEAY! So i hope this marks the end of the extreme nausea!
Thank you for those encouraging comments! You have no idea how much it uplifts us, so thank you!

I hope tomorrow marks the start of some good days ahead! i'll keep ya posted!

Luv, Missy


  1. "The last of the human freedomes
    is to choose one's attitude
    in any given set of circumstances."

    - Victor Frankl, Holocaust survivor.

    No matter how awful/mundane/boring/scary/painful it gets, you and Colin still both get to choose that one thing, your attitude. (And you're both doing a fabulous job at being positive, and I would worry about you if you didn't feel down in the dumps or angry about this whole situation from time to time).

    We're praying, glad things looked a bit brighter today.


  2. Hi Missy and Colin
    You are both an inspiration to many people. You both show so much courage and strength.
    Stay are winning this battle.


  3. Melissa and Colin:
    In the middle of the night I woke up and prayed for you Monday night and than found out after that it was a rough go for you...
    Just want you to know that you are never far from our thoughts and prayers and that God is using you in a mighty way to encourage people you don't even know at my work as they often ask how you are doing???? One lady said I don't pray much but tell that young man I am praying for him....You have chose to live your life as an encouragement to others and thus we can help carry your burdens to the cross...Hang in there kids and know you are not alone...We pray for your Mom and Dad as well and those 2 precious little boy's of yours ... that God will give the health and strength to come home soon and be a family together again...
    Have a wonderful day and rest in Jesus arms..
    Valinda W.

  4. Hey Guys, I've been wanting to give Colin a call for the last few days but with the side affects I figured it wouldn't be good to run the risk of waking him up so I thought I'd write you a quick message. You guys are always, always in my thoughts and prayers, especially during these tougher times. Thank you again for your honesty and openness in this blog, it gives good friends a chance to know where things are at even during times when visiting and calling aren't really an option. Missy, don't think that being strong means not feeling overwhelmed at times, it just means you are human! We love you guys and look forward to this break in the IV chemo for your sake, what a fight this is. You guys are winning and I can't wait to go golfing with Colin again (or even just hang out at another BBQ for that matter). Blessings.