Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hey! It's Melissa here again. I just wanted to update you all on what's happening for the rest of the week/weekend. Colin's blood levels are at their low point right now, always right around day 5-9 after chemo they bottom out and then his body starts fighting to regulate everything again, so we expected this, and he's doing GREAT despite his counts being so low! He's healthy, and happy and spending the week at Andy and Nat's!!!!!! YEAY! What great medicine for him to be out and getting fresh air and just being in a home! Thanks to Nat's GREAT cooking, he's gaining weight and eating like CRAZY!!!!!! Colin and i are actually counting this time as a blessing....the boys are still in Medicine Hat, with us having to check in at the hospital most days, it takes a while, now just isn't the best time to bring them up......we're also planning and PRAYING that we can come home again by next week sometime, so please pray that everything works out for that to happen! Anyways, i was saying that Colin and I are counting this time as a blessing because we haven't had a chance to really talk and hash things out with how we're both feeling, we've just been on survival mode, so it's been a good time for us to regroup and refocus TOGETHER, and just be together, it's MUCH needed!
Now we're just gearing up for the second half of this whole messy journey, this next half actually being a little more organized than the first couple months, we actually have a calender of dates and we can see what's to come! It's a comfort to know there is an end date, so our goals are set and our plan is to be out of the hospital by Christmas, the Doc said it was tight, but do-able, so we'll take it and pray for that to happen!
I also wanted to ask you to pray, right now we're waiting to do some testing (bone marrow, CT scan, etc.) Next week those two will be done, and then on Oct. 7th from 7-3pm, Colin will be ungoing every test possible to see what his cancer is doing........Please pray for there to be no sign whatsoever of the cancer in his body, the perfect scenario would be to go into his transplant with no cancer, he'll have a better cure rate that way! we have been SO blessed and God has carried us this far, i just know He has a powerful plan for this second half of our journey, whatever that may be! I am confident in that promise! There's power in prayer, and you all have done SO much for us by praying!
BIG HUGS to every one of you reading our blog! We love you! (Even the one's we don't know, thank you for sharing in our journey, it means a lot that you would take time to follow!)

I'll be in touch soon!
Luv, Melissa (and Colin, too!)

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  1. So great to hear from you Melissa. Glad to hear that you are taking advantage of this down time to reconnect as a couple. It is sooo important. Your babies are in good hands and being loved and prayed for. Give Colin hugs for sll of us. We love you guys. Kelly Kurp.