Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hi! I just quickly wanted to write and ask you to pray for health! Right now, we are entering into cold/flu season and having two kiddies of our own and being around our nephew and neice up here in Calgary, we're all bound to come into contact with these viruses! Actually, we are headed that way right now.....our poor little nephew is sick and Andy (my bro) is getting it as well......Colin and I are staying with Andy and Nat, but we are currently quarrentined to the basement, so Colin doesn't come into contact with the germs. He is still very low with his White Blood Cells, and just a runny nose can turn into something serious for him.......i have become a close friend with all the Lysol products and i don't think any germs are capable of living in the house right now. (i'm a mad woman cleaning anything and everything in my path). Please don't get the wrong idea, my sis-in-law keeps an amazingly clean house, but i just have the urge to go on a germ killing warpath!
The plan is to have the kids come up this weekend and stay with us until we are able to come home for Thanksgiving (sometime next week). So, before i worry, i will pray, since worrying does nothing and praying does a whole heck of a lot more! Please pray for Colin to be protected. Truth is, he's just as in danger just being at the hospital, if not more so there, than he is here. We knew he would run this risk from the beginning, but we know that God is our protector and our healer, even from the simplist of colds/flus. Pray for our nephew and my brother, for restored health, and for somehow the germs to bypass Colin and I. We're wearing masks, cleaning, and washing our hands and aside from that, we can't do anything else. Our reality is that Colin is at risk wherever he is, and we're just coming to grips with that scary thought. Once his white cells come up just a little bit more, he'll be out of the woods even more so, but until then, we just have to pray that nothing will make him sick.....not when we're so close to coming home for some time together with friends and family.
I thank you for reading this, and i thank you for any little prayer you offer up, i know God hears each one, and i know He'll keep us safe!

Colin gets more blood taken at the hospital tomorrow, and then we hear when he has another marrow biopsy and CT scan (either Thurs or Monday). Then After a full day of testing on October 7th, we're home for a week! Ok, i should go, i hear more germs needing to be killed! lol

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