Saturday, September 12, 2009

More on Today

Hi, again, I just wanted to let you know that Colin had a really good nap just after they hooked him up to the chemo at noon, and when we woke up at 230pm, he was feeling much better! PRAISE GOD! i was cringing with how he was going to be in rough shape today, but i know there must have been some people praying, because his headache is just a very dull pain and his nausea is under control.......tonite he thought he would try to eat supper, but he's just now fallen asleep again. He's just feeling SO awful, then again, they've given him a series of chemo drugs today starting at noon, and ending sometime tonite around 10 or 11pm! It's been a long day, and he's over half way through. Every time they start a new cycle of chemo the first day, they hit you really hard with the highest dosages. He's gonna feel really bad before it gets better again, so he just wants to get it over with, i think we both do!

I know that i breezed over the fact that the Doc's think his cancer is over 95% gone but we were both just wide-eyed and floored by that news!!!!! Again, PRAISE GOD! Colin is doing amazing at fighting and God is strengthening him!!!!! These daily blessings and answered prayers, make the tougher times much easier to handle. Colin is my hero, he is so strong, and never does he complain about this process or what he's been given. God has BIG plans for him! I'm honored to be in the passenger seat!

Colin is comfortably sleeping through his chemo treatments right now, and i'm hoping he continues and has a good night's sleep.
i'll make sure i update in the morning!



  1. We're praising God with you Melissa! God is so good and He certainly has something huge planned for Colin and for your whole family. You're an amazing woman Melissa... I marvel at your courage and strength. We'll keep praying!
    Love the Muirheads

  2. Hi to all of you. So happy for the updates. I saw Corban with gramma and grampa on Sunday heading into his SS class. I am missing Corban on Wed. am. Aunti Bea (Foreman).

  3. Hi Melissa (I don't think your husband knows who I am).....a friend sent your blog site to me and I just wanted to let you know that I'm following it and want to pray for your family along with all your family and friends. I still have fond memories of the Bible Study we were both in a few years ago and I miss seeing your smiling face Wed. mornings. Hope you'll be back there soon!
    May the God of all comfort and our wonderful counsellor wrap you all up in the warmth of His arms and keep you safe, The Lord is YOUR Shepherd; you belong to Him and you shall not be in want. PS 23
    Love and prayers,
    Elayne Goertzen