Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Resting Period

Good Evening, it's Melissa here......back in Calgary, had a good trip up today and Corban actually didn't even cry when i left Medicine Hat! What an answered prayer! My heart was heavy all day leading up to saying goodbye to him, and he was excited for what the rest of the week's events were going to be! It made it MUCH easier to leave! Thank You, LORD, for answering our prayers to help our boys!
I was up at the hospital for a few hours tonite when i got into town and Colin seemed good....he can't talk very loud, nor can he talk for long periods of time, so our chats were kinda choppy, but he looked good.....even like he had put on more weight (which he had, indeed!) That's a very good thing, considering he hasn't been eating too much with his mouth sores so bad!
He's finally completed chemo for this round......now to rest and heal up for the next one. We are told it could be anywhere from 5 days to 2 weeks or more until he begins chemo again, all depending on how fast his body brings his blood levels into the normal ranges. The Doc's are hopeful that the pain, swelling and difficulties in his mouth should be subsiding throughout this week, so i'm praying for it to be sooner than later!
My stay at home was good, busy, regrouping, and tieing up lose ends and stuff, but i was expecting that. I know next time it will get easier, but it's gonna take some getting used too, that Colin isn't coming back for a very long time. That was the hardest part, it just not having him around with us in our day to day lives.....i guess him being away at training, was God's way of preparing us for this process now! Anyways, i need to get some sleep, i'll post more tomorrow, when we know how Colin is responding to the transfusions and all that fun stuff!
It was nice to see familiar faces when i was home, good to get hugs and support from our family and friends! THANK YOU!


  1. Hi Melissa,

    Thank you for sharing your heart with us. I can imagine that adjusting to this new reality is difficult. You've been thrust into a new role here - one that you never dreamed of.

    God gives daily grace for daily needs. Praying for you.

    Auntie Lorrie

  2. Colin and Missy, we have been so out of touch and had no idea the journey that you have both been on the past month. We are in deep prayer for you and Colin, and know first hand the power of prayer and God's faithfulness in times like this. I am in Calgary right now for the next week, and if you need ANYTHING at all please let me know! also, matt would like to e-mail colin if possible, but we don't seem to have a contact address for you. ours is mattandjessbothwell@hotmail.com so please let us know if there is anything we can do for you both. For now we will continue to pray for God's grace and guidance in this time. Miss you both!
    Jess and Matt bothwell