Monday, August 31, 2009

Movie Night

Good evening everyone, its movie night tonight. Melissa bought me Casino Royale before she left back to Medicine Hat so I am going to take some time and treat myself to a movie. Today was a day with lots of people in and out of my room so hopefully the night is quite.

This morning they gave me platlets so they could do a spinal chemo this afternoon. Well those platlets only bumped my numbers a few so they gave me plasma, its kind of what holds the blood cells together. That didn't work either so I didn't have my spinal chemo today, but I should have it tomorrow.

My red cells dropped below 80 again this morning so I am having some red cells tonight, which makes it perfect for a movie because I will be in bed anyways. To get my platlets up tomorrow some more and to get me ready for the spinal chemo, I am having platlets and plasma tomorrow morning again. Hopefully not at 5:30 am again.

For the last 3 days I have been receiving G-CSF shots, which give a kick start to rebuilding white cells. 2 days ago I was 0.2, yesterday I was 0.3 and today I was 0.6, so they seem to be working but I have a ways to go still.

Today I felt pretty good. I had a decent nap this afternoon which helps with healing and also with keeping me energetic. My mouth is still sore but today does feel a little better than yesterday. I just need to keep up with my rinses and the hospital has me on iv med's for the mucousitis in my mouth, so those help as well. I am doing well still, I am still in good spirits even though I have been tired the last few days. Mom was here with me this weekend and she left today at noon. Melissa is back tomorrow so I am excited about seeing her, not that I was happy to see Mom go home.

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers and support of our family. We truly do appreciate it and I look forward to being able to see each one of you once I am healed to say thank you in person.



  1. Colin and Melissa,

    I have been keeping up with you here for the last couple of days so I wanted to let you know some things the have been laid on my heart to pray for be encouraged!

    His grace is sufficient for you- that you will know it every morning when you wake, His grace will strengthen and carry you.
    Lean on Him. Lean into Him. He know what lies ahead. He will sustain you with his peace. He has everything you need. He is your breath of life. Breathe deeply of his grace, hope, peace and love.
    All of this is for both of you equally.


  2. Hey Guys
    I only know about you guys through Neil, your dad. I went to Uganda with him in June and got to know him a bit. I also got to see one of the smelly, dirty kids cough all over "Uncle Neil".
    I don't know you but I think about you guys, probably because my wife and I have two little guys of our own.
    I figured I'd write tonight because you mentioned movies and well I'm a bit of a movie buff.
    I recommend getting yourself into a good series like House or Scrubs or better yet Lost. I've got a bit of a collection so if I can ship you something to borrow and pass the time, let me know.
    Praying for you guys.
    Matt & Debbie Hawkins

  3. Colin and Melissa,

    We are thinking of your family and continue to pray for your strength and courage to get through this. If there is anything that we can do, please let us know, we would be happy to help.

    Wishing you a good day,
    Neil and Lisa Nichols

  4. Hi Colin & Missy! Wow, what a journey God has put you on, and what a priviledge to be able to travel along with you! A thought came to me this morning that I haven't thought of for a long time and I think it might be worth sharing with you. As you know, when I was 34, I had a very unexpected heart attack. As I was lying in bed with pains convulsing through my should blades and back, God impressed upon me that I was going through this ordeal because He trusted me to handle this incredible amount of pain. He trusted me to handle it with grace and still give Him the glory for life itself. That thought has sustained me through many of life's ups and and downs, always knowing that, as the song states "Through it all, I've learned to trust in Jesus"! Curtis shared your story on Sunday at Bethany Baptist in Richmond, where we are now, along with the news website, so now you have another entire church praying for you! Thanks so much for updating the blogs, I'm sure sometimes you really don't feel like it! We continue to pray for your complete healing!

  5. Colin its Brian from (hockey-kelcan-glover-church) tammy and i and the kids pray for you on a daily bases you are deep in our thoughts and if anyone can beat this its you. Keep your head up and both hands on your stick Our son has Cystic Fibrosis clinic in calgary in 2 weeks we will come and see you .Untill then take care Colin...Brian

  6. Hi Colin & Missy,
    Thank you for doing this blog. It helps us to know how to pray for you. And we pray that God will give you abundant peace and strength as you go through this journey. We believe in miracles!!!
    Love & prayers,
    Richard & Diane