Sunday, August 30, 2009

Clear show polish

Does anyone have any clear shoe polish? The reason I ask is my hair really started falling out today so they shaved my head. As soon as the little bristles are gone in a couple days, I might want to shine my head!

Yes my hair did start falling out today. I could grab a clump of hair and sure enough it came out with no pain. Now I just have to wait until the eyebrows go.

This morning my cell counts were up and down. Red and platlets went down, red enough they are giving me a transfusion again today. On the other hand my white cells went up from .2 to .3. I also had another G-CSF shot this morning to help my white cells recover.

I was able to drink some soup for lunch and I have been able to drink apple juice and water mixed because the apple juice is to sugary for my mouth all by itself. My mouth is quite raw and does not feel the nicest, but it does feel like its maybe starting to get better. My lips look gross because there are sores on them and they are kind of white.

I am feeling pretty good today. I can actually visit with Mom because I am not so sleepy today. Unfortunately she is leaving tomorrow but it has been nice having her here with me while Melissa was back in the Hat this weekend. Please keep Melissa in your prayers especially Tuesday as she is driving back to Calgary.


  1. At least you were smart enough to let 'them' shave your head. My husband let our son shave his, Hudson was 6 at the time, and he ended up with razor skid marks all along the top of his head!

  2. Colin, we love your sense of humour (don't know if anyone will find the shoe polish you requested). Today is a much better day for all of us knowing that you are feeling better than yesterday. We loved the news story of your graduation and played it several times. We hope that the ceremony was taped so that you will have a wonderful reminder of the day. Love you lots, Grandpa & Grandma