Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hi All! It's Missy here, just so you know, I called the Doc's office AGAIN this morning, and nothing, they want to see the most recent blood counts from yesturday that Colin had done, so I'm not crossing my fingers that we'll hear anything today, but we do have someone calling us to see if Colin's blood counts are stable, or in the normal range. I hope his transfusion at least helps his levels stay in the normal range! It's funny, but i think we're almost getting used to this waiting game.......i find we're not so anxious (probably more from your prayers than anything else), and that we're just trying to enjoy each day as it comes......it's amazing how each day becomes a little more sacred when one is faced with these unknown circumstances~the little things become very BIG blessings!
The plan is for us to go to Regina this weekend, Colin's little brother Kris is getting married.....it'll be good to get away and be surrounded by family! The Burritt side of the family starts coming today, so we're excited to have family to distract us and keep us in the present, instead of where our minds can sometimes take us!
Was reading in Psalm 62 about God being our defense and our protection......How amazingly lucky we are to have such a Powerful God fighting on our behalf!

Just wanted to say again, we've been getting such an overwhelming response from all those we know and love, and I just wanted to say, how thankful and how blessed we are to have each of you in our lives.......it's amazing to be able to lean on so many......believe me, if we need anything, i know we are in good hands and God is teaching me that in our time of need, that it's ok to ask for help.....so thank you to those who have offered.....it may not be right away, but if we need you, we will call...the willingness to help makes me cry, so i'm going to stop now and get a kleenex and spend some time with Corban! LOL
Colin is at work again today, i think he might have overdid it yesturday, but he's learning his limits and he's stepping back when he needs too!
i'm sure he'll write tonite!
love you all, and Thanks again for everything you all have done!

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  1. Just so you know, WHENEVER it is that you need to be in Calgary, our house is open for you to stay with us.

    I have never prayed so much in all my life as I have this past year, and it actually feels good, who knew!! Love to you all; Aunt Debbie