Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thank you

I just wanted to put a huge thank you to everyone once again! Today I want to name a few people and I am sorry if I offend anyone, but you all know who you are that have contributed to helping us out. Of course our families! Andy and Nat, thank you so much for taking the boys this week and giving Melissa time to be with me in the hospital. The Voth family for all you have given to us to be sustained when we didn't quite pack for the right weather. Darlene Garrecht and her family for offering to maintain our yard while I am away in hospital in Calgary, thank you so much! For those who don't know Darlene, she is a member of the MHPS with me and I have met her only a few times! Thanks for your help! The last people I want to recognize today is a couple I have never met! Luke Day came to visit me today but unfortunately I missed him. He left me a wondering inspiring card telling me he heard about our situation when his family was out east on holidays. Luke's wife's parents, whom I have never met felt so compelled to help us out they gave a donation to help pay bills! Thank you Jesus for a family that extends far beyond blood lines! Luke and Cindy, and Cindy's parents, sorry I don't have your names with me right now, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! We love you in Christ!

So those are a few people who are on my mind today! I know there are so many others out there and there will be so many more. As I can I will try to thank you myself and if I miss you I am truly sorry.

Today was pretty good, a little more chemo this morning which wore me out and also my platlets and red cells where low. I have had platelets transfused today and as I write I am getting red cells which is picking up my energy levels. I also had a spinal treatment of chemo again today to kill any cells that are in my spinal fliud and around my brain. Keep praying those go down fast. The doc says everything is going well and everyone is very optimistic.

I should probably go, because Mom and Dad are coming to see me on their layover between Regina and Abbotsford. Can't wait to see them!

To anyone from my Police Recruit class reading this, I miss you guys and wish I could be there working hard with all of you!

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