Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just the facts

Hi Everyone,

So I was at the track today getting ready to review the driving exercises we did yesterday ( I was not actually going to be driving lots today I was sore) and I got the CALL! I had a doctor's appointment at 4pm. I figured well let's get this figured out and what the next step with be.

So Meliss and went to the dr, while Ati watched the boys for us! We knew something was up and it was not going to be the best news. Dr Glas came in and said the ridges in my stomach were in fact the cause of the whole debocale going on within me. This is the same thing Dr Nohr told me last Friday it was nothing to worry about.

SO no more leukemia talk from Dr Glas and the pathologist and hemeotologist in Calgary also agree, but there is 1 more slide they will look at tomorrow. So the diagonis now and won't change, pending something super wierd showing up in that slide is whats called Burkitt Lymphoma. IT is an aggressive type on non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

So yes I will be enduring Chemo and treatments, but probably here in the Hat. I have told everyone I have talked to today since I found out, that I will be this thing and being to live my normal life again! PLease pray for me healing and strength through tough times. We will be meeting with an oncologist hopefully in the next 2 days and he will give us more answers regarding treatment, cure rates and expectancy. We'll keep you posted.

So to ice the cake tonight, we have my sister and her hubby, Nicole and Simon show up tonight from BC before Kris' wedding and also Ati and Clark were still here too. My body decided back spasms were in order again, so yes I was back down to the ER to get fixed up once again. Just as we were leaving our house, Chad and Jessie showed up to come support us and se how we are doing. Poor guys barely got to say hi to me. Anyways after some morphin and ativan to take pain and to relax me, I am home now writing to all of you!

We love you all so much and cherish your prayers during this stage of out lives. Be blessed in your days and all you do, may God's grace flwo freely to you all!

Just remember, this is an obstacle the Lord has given to me and he will be walking me through this and that is why I know, I WILL BEAT THIS!!!


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