Friday, August 14, 2009

I just wanted to mention to our families (both sides) what a strong support and help you've been to us this past week and with Darlene and Nicole helping getting us packed up to leave for Calgary so fast! THANK YOU! The phone calls and emails and comments are getting us through this time! Please don't think you are imposing in any way!
We love you dearly!


  1. Hi Guys: We won't come to visit until we get the go ahead from you guys. We were planning on coming up tomorrow, but will wait until we hear from you. I called this morning, only for visiting hours, etc. I did; however, say my name and that I was Colin's aunt and to say hi to him; sorry about that.

    Love you guys
    Aunt Deb and Uncle Brian

  2. Hi Colin and Missy,

    We are praying for you - holding you close in our hearts and minds. We have a great and awesome God and we're praying that his peace will surround and comfort you both.

    with love,
    Uncle Tim and Aunt Lorrie

  3. Hi are still in our thoughts and prayers. Anything you need, please don't hesitate to call. Will's family lives in Calgary, they are willing to help at all if they can as well (place to stay, a hot meal, etc). Let me know and I can give you their number. Take care...we miss you both.

    Love Shan & Will