Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bad News

ok, so we just talked to another Doc on rotation right now, whom wasn't so excited about Colin going to grad at all.....she was very negative about the whole idea and basically said, that nothing short of a miracle would get Colin to grad on Friday, not even for a couple of hours. Both our hearts sank, and we're kinda angry as well. The Doc who admitted us seemed hopful that grad was a possibility, but this Doc just didn't really even seem to care. We understand that with really low counts that Colin is in very real danger with going to Lethbridge, so i guess we have to pray for a HUGE miracle, that somehow in the next 24 hours, Colin's counts show signs of improvement and that the Doc clears him to go.
Nothing is more important than Colin's health right now, so if he's safer in the hospital we have to be ok with that, but we are both heart-broken at missing this monumental event in Colin's career.
Please pray for encouragement, and for that miracle that we could still get him to walk across that stage!
i'll update when we know more!


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  1. I've been following your blog, walking with you thru this, & praying for you & your family daily. Having just gone thru 8 years of leukemia with my husband, Ray, there were ups & downs. I know the chemo & side effects can be so difficult, but God is gracious. Doctors also have different views, so keep hopeful that recovery will go quickly so that Colin can be at grad---my prayers are with you! But if it is not to be, in the big picture, the most important thing is that Colin pulls thru this & not take unnecessary risk. A website I've used often over the years to research updates on diseases & meds is "webmd"; maybe you're already there---hope it helps. God keep you all in his care & meet your needs!!
    Henny Ohlmann