Thursday, August 13, 2009

Here We GO!

oh, man....i can't believe what has transpired in the last few hours! this has to be short because we're packing up now, to leave for Calgary......Colin will be admitted and because he is in a lot of pain they can better mange him and keep him comfortable there! Please pray for the kids as they are with Andy (my brother and his wife). Please pray for the Chemo treatment, and for successful results! This is a very fast growing cancer, and we cannot wait......the results of this disease is very dablilitating, so we have to act now to beat this thing! Please pray for strength and wisdom for the Doctors.......if any of you need to find out any more can call Hillcrest Church 403-526-4010.......and i know that Renate Kurpjuweit will also be in contact with us, so you can call her as well.
I will update as soon as i can, but we just need your constant prayers and petitions on our behalf.
Thank you! and i wish i was writing better news, but God is Powerful so keep praying and we're gonna see some pretty amazing things!
luv, Missy (Melissa)

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