Monday, August 10, 2009

Wish There Was SOME News!

Hi guys, just thought i'd quickly write and tell you that i talked to the Doc's Office this morning and the nurse said it could possibly be another 2 WEEKS until the final results come i told her the situation and how much waiting we've already been doing, she assured me that she would call up to Calgary this afternoon to see if she could get us something....some sort of news just to know what we're dealing with. So, again, we sit and wait......I took the kids to Echo Dale with some great friends, just to get our minds off of what was to come. It was good to get out, Colin is trying to be at work.....he's on modified duty, just the classroom stuff, and he has to wear a respitory mask, just so he doesn't catch any germs. I haven't heard from him yet, so i'm guessing no news is good news and that being with his fellow recruits will help take his mind off of the inevitable life changes in our near future!
Keep praying, I just hope something comes's been a blur of emotional ups and downs and we're no better off than when this whole thing started........God is BIGGER, my prayer is that He Alone, guides the Doc's to find the diagnosis!
Natalie (my sis-in-law XOXOX) gave me a verse from Romans 8, that could not have come at a more perfect time. God knows our hearts, even when we don't even know what to pray or in this case how to pray, the Holy Spirit is praying on our behalf (just the idea, obviously not word for word)......never has God's word rang more true than it has in the last few weeks! It's sad that growth has to come with such a cost, but I know the God that we serve is a Mighty Healer, and He's carrying us now, as we wait!
Pray, also, that the stress of the situation doesn't affect the kids......we're both finding that our fuse is a bit shorter lately, and their high energy can be a bit much at times, being as exhausted as we are!
Again, i want to Thank you for your prayers, and for even taking the time to read what's been going on! i'll be sure to update as soon as i know any bit of info!

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  1. Melissa,we can hardly wait and give a helping hand. We have felt so useless being so far away. We love you all and will keep praying for an answer, maybe not the one we are wanting but something.

    Love Mom B