Thursday, August 27, 2009

We are Speechless...

Today, like a lot of days in the recent weeks, we were speechless.........there are truly no words to really explain to you all how we feel. Colin and I are absolutely overwhelmed at how people have responded and come forward to help us during this time. Today many of you attended a BBQ on our behalf.....we have cried such happy tears of thanks, to all who have today, and in the past weeks supported us. I just wish there was something I could say to really get through just how much we've been blessed by your help, but everytime my mouth opens, i start to cry. What amazing people we are surrounded by and we have been praying God's Richest blessings on you all! Your generousity overwhelms us, and Colin and I are so proud to be apart of a community of people with such BIG HEARTS! God provides, and He has done so, through you all, so we want to thank you (especially to the little boy who emptied his piggy bank so that he could help our family, Bless you, little one, you have no idea what your precious gift means to us!)

I do want to mention Chad and Nicole, the people who planned the BBQ today, how blessed we are to know you!

Colin is taking each day in stride and his focus is trying to stay healthy, but he is especially thinking of each one who will recieve their badge tomorrow (friday) in Lethbridge! CONGRADUATIONS RECRUIT CLASS #6!!!!! This is your day, enjoy every minute of it!


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