Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Some Good News!

Hello All.....It's Melissa here.
I just wanted to give you all a quick update about our day today. Colin had 2 rounds of chemo today, one through his central line (near his heart), and one injection into his spinal fluid. He's tired, but we did manage to go for a little walk around, just to keep him moving. Right now he's sleeping so i thought i'd come and tell you a few things, while i had some time. The Doc came in today for his spinal injection with great news.....his cancer cell counts at the beginning of treatment (Friday), came back at 100, they are supposed to be at around 5! But with just two injections, the results from Sunday's fluid samples came back that the cancer counts were 2!!!! From 100 down to 2 in just 2-3 days!!!! Praise God! She says that she thinks the cell counts will settle around 1 but that it's not unlikely that they could be 0 and stay that way! This is what we needed to hear.....that the Chemo is doing what it needs to do, to kill this ugly cancer! Also, another praise note, is that his red blood cell counts and his platlets (in the bone marrow) were up as well! it's good that he doesn't need a lot of transfusions this early on, they tend to stop working the more he gets, so if his body can stabalize itself, it is a VERY good thing! We do know that his white cell counts (the one's that fight infection) are going down slowly, but still going down, so please pray that he doesn't get any illness because of this. It's a very serious risk, and that is why we ask that no one, even thinking that they are getting sick, come to visit.

We are amazed on a daily basis at how God is providing for our every need through this battle, and we are brought to tears at the kindness of people being prompted to help!
we cannot say it enough, thank you for your prayers, and support...however that may be, we know who you are, and we are so very grateful for the help! It takes such a load off of Colin, to know that our family is being taken care of! We just don't have the words to say how much love we have felt!
I should get back to check on Colin, hoping that he feels good to touch base with you all again soon!


  1. That is amazing news, Colin always was a fighter, we will keep praying for all of you

  2. Wonderful news (and the later posting, too). We are so happy with you and will continue to pray.

    Uncle Tim and Auntie Lorrie