Sunday, August 9, 2009

Here's the deal folks!

Hi Everyone,

Talking to Mom B lastnight we discussed how many people we have been talking to and needing to phone, email, etc. She suggested we create a blog, this is wierd. Anyways we hope this helps more people stay in touch with what is happening with my health and what to pray for with our family.

So right now, I am sure most people know we are waiting on results of my bone marrow scan in Calgary. Hopefully we will know about it tomorrow, Monday because we are eagerly waiting and wanting to be able to continue on with whatever God has planned for us.

You will hear from me sometimes but probably more from Melissa especially if I end up in intense treatment, let's pray not, but if that is what it take to heal me, then so be it.

Love you all and we will probably be in touch tomorrow.


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