Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just wanted to let you all know where we are at today....this morning marked the end of the 24 hour chemo round for Colin, but today was a little rough.....Colin's blood levels continue to drop (which is completely normal); and as a result of the chemo and low levels, he is EXTREMELY exhausted, and his mouth and throat are completely raw (side effects from this particular chemo drug). Because he is considered anemic right now, simply brushing his teeth is dangerous for him! Along with that, he is so suseptable to infection as well, but he has reovery time until the weekend, and there's a good chance he'll get a platlet transfusion in the next day or two, so everything is very normal for this stage in his treatment.
We're still looking forward to keeping him well enough to get him to grad this weekend, and that is his main focus to stay healthy, i think it would be the best medicine for him to go and be there with his peers and fellow recruits!
Please pray that the doc's clear him to go, that he stays well enough and his body can recover enough to get there!
Tomorrow is a new day, and today honestly wasn't too bad, i know that it could've been so much worse, so Praise God for that!
Aside from the fatigue, he had an ok day.........let's see what tomorrow holds!
you'll hear from me soon!


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  1. Hi Colin and Melissa,

    Thanks so much for keeping us all informed. We are continuing to pray for you - and for the boys as well. This is not an easy time for any of you, but we know that God is with you and with the boys and he will give you the strength to carry on, even when it seems impossible.

    with love,
    A. Lorrie