Thursday, October 25, 2012

The next Chapter...

I can't even believe how long its been since i last had the chance to sit down and write a post! i don't know where the time has gone, but what an amazing ride this last year has been! I have made a conscious choice to keep something to myself, in part because I have chosen to share so much with so many people; through our journey with Colin's cancer and then the aftermath for me and the boys...I have no words, for the thanks i have for a God who has walked with me and the boys through our darkest days and also led us by the hand into a new and beautiful future. Still, i stand in awe, of how my secret prayers of never wanting to be alone, and in the qualities i would most desire, if He chose for me to find someone to love again...How God can take something so painful and use it to weave this beautiful love story knocks me back to how little we are, and how magnificently HUGE our God is! Let me begin, by telling you that dating for a second time around, along with two kids, and with family and friends who are guarded and protective of us, has been a learning curve! which is a bit of the reason i chose to keep things quiet, i wasn't even sure what to say or how to form into words what it felt, to be going through this all again...i chose to make sure that God knew my heart and my deepest desires, and i trusted that HE has specifically hand-picked this special person for me and the boys. Little did we all know how it would unfold, but what a beautiful journey it has been! His name is Mike, we know each other from having been in school together since grade 7...we had always been friends, always enjoyed each other...but let me tell you, after almost 10 years of not seeing him...he grew up...into the kindest, most patient and gentle man, and his heart is one of the biggest i've come to know! I think the boys honestly, thought that he was entirely there just for them when he first started spending time with us...and the more time he spent, the more attached we all became, he fits so perfectly....but i was so guarded at first, holding him at a distance for a while, but he persued me, and he loved me, and it didn't take very much work for me to fall in love with him! there is SO much more to our story, the "little" things that God has shown us, that He has brought the two of us together...I wish i could write every detail, but Keegan won't possibly let me be on the computer that long, and i'd be here till next week, typing it all out! i have enjoyed dating...with so much more depth and richness than i ever did when i was 17 years fall in love knowing the cost of losing someone, and to have the chance to fix or savour what i didn't before, has been such a precious gift! To get to have a "first kiss" again, to go out on our "first date" again, to hold his hand, makes my heart so look up and feel so humbled that God would hear my prayers and allow my dreams to come true again in this lifetime is more than i can take in all at once...if i do, i can't help my be a blubbering mess at the thought of it all. What a precious gift God has entrusted to me with Mike...i am not who i was when i was married before, and i can't wait to be a wife and settle into being just a mom, and not carry this load on my own brings sheer joy in my have found someone whom i connect with so perfectly yet so differently than anyone else, a best friend to share our lives with...we are beyond thrilled for this next chapter of our lives, and this next chapter begins on Saturday, THIS saturday OCtober 27th:) I'M GETTING MARRIED!!! I get to be a bride again,i get to be a wife again, and our little family unit gets to be glued back together and become whole once again! I am beyond proud of Mike, a single guy, successful in his career and his life, who would be brave enough to come into our lives, and more than step up to being a Daddy to the boys (who love him more than my words could ever say), to be patient and teach them things i could never do for them! He has courage and patience and love that i admire so much in him...i'm thankful for our individual journey's to get us to where we are at right now, and we could never have a written a better love story...God's plans are far more than we could ever ask or imagine, and there is healing that WILL come with every circumstance...and we are living proof! Can you imagine?!??! a love story written by God, Himself, my life-story, dreamed up by God, Himself! i'm still shaking my head in awe, with tears streaming down my face...all we've been through and all we have yet to experience! My wedding vows, having lived through those very vows i promised to Colin, have new meaning and come with a new level of faith and promsie than they did before.... i couldn't be more excited for this next adventure to begin, and from time to time, i will try my hardest to check in and keep you up to date! for now...a new Chapter! For those of you who have never stopped praying and encouraging us, i am beyond thankful for you...especially those who have prayed for me to find love again, and to my friends and family who have walked with me through this learning curve, who have allowed me to stumble but not fall, and walked with me along the way, opened up your arms to Mike and given him a chance to be apart of your lives as well, i'm forever grateful! i'm thrilled you will be joining us and making new memories with us in this next chapter! xox, love, Melissa

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'm feeling the need to be candid with u right's been a huge struggle for me the past few weeks or so as to how two "little" ones...whom I love and adore have this ability to beat me down and frey every last nerve I can must be a mixture of winter and this HORRIBLY LONG month among other things! Keegan has decided to throw a curve ball at me and cut his naps as well as wake everyone up at ungodly hours of the morning...if I could even call it morning...I'm tired...and the days r long and yes I'm complaining...this is hard...Even right now as i'm typing this, i am in the midst of the biggest battle of wills i've had to date with keegan. He is crying in his room for me to come, and here i sit not going up until he stops crying. I don't have the answers, which is why i can only pray and beg God to give me some sort of insight to be able to get through to him. I feel disheveled and beaten down...and this discourages me but also has brought perspective for me...with my dearest little men come with them their sweet little problems (although they seem like mountains for us all at the time)...and with age and maturity (or lack there of)...come a pile of BIG problems...I need to stay thankful and humbled that somehow God chose this path for me...for reasons I'm realizing r true blessings. Things like being able to empathize and relate to others whom r also single parents. My boys r so precious but so often...I choose dishes or cleaning over that sacred time with them, and before long that time will have passed me by...I pray I keep that in mind...Jesus keep my perspective where it matters most! I need to keep making sure i'm parenting in a way that brings Glory to God...something that humbles and terrifies me! Some days r so good and others are just a series of uphill battles...we have all been there, i find comfort in knowing i'm not the only one! I just felt the need to vent, hoping u don't mind it!
Aside from this, the boys r good! Corban is losing teeth...#2 is about ready to fall out and he loves being around people and spending time with his aunt and uncle and cousins...Keegan is a sweetheart...stubborn and persisent at times but a mischievous little sweetheart and we r in that stage where he tries every bit of patience I have...but his heart is so sweet and he is SO colorful in his actions and reactions...and lately both boys would talk every minute of the day if I let them! Makes me smile...and appreciate what my parents must have gone thru raising me;)

It's Colin's birthday tomorrow (26th)...the second one without him being here...he would have been 31!! I can guaruntee u I would be buggin him just like I bug my brother and Nat about being over 30:)..oops! sorry for throwing that out there! ;)
We woulda had ice cream and supper with my family...who knows what me and the boys would have found for him for a present...that thought is so unsettling right now...who knows...I don't know what he would have been into at this point or been excited to want to have for his's been a year and a half already...and so quickly u forget those teeny tiny scares me to death that I'm not going to remember things for when the boys want to know certain details....and at times in the last week...guilt has crept in and made its home in my mind....because reality is...He's not here anymore...I will always love him...he was my first "one true love"...he gave me so much love and happiness and he blessed me with the boys...but I can't possibly move forward if I'm not allowing myself to let go...but how do you let go and prevent the time and distance in making you forget? I feel caught between a rock and hard place...and naturally there will be things that we r gonna forget...I guess I'm thankful for our memories thru so many pictures and videos...
And in being honest with all of these thoughts...I second guess myself on these kinds of posts because half the time they don't make sense to's kind of just what's swirling around inside that I need to get out or I'll explode! I need to be honest and real and I guess in doing that I take a risk of exposing myself. It's kind of a scary place to be, but it frees me as well. i'm on this crazy cool path of discovering who God made me to be and how He is using these events and experiences in my life to rewire my heart and mind. i'm realizing that there are things about me which i need some constant prayer and working on...i'm a pleaser...who knew?! well, maybe the people closest to me knew all along, but i'm just figuring out what God wants to teach me through this, and try my darnest to have Him rewire these stubborn tendancies in me...the list is WAY too long to share in the things i feel like He wants me to shed and do some "house cleaning" to make more room for His presence in me, but i'm workin on it! My perspective is changing...who am i in God's huge master plan?! Why am i so quick to live so selfishly that He is here for me, and not that i am here for this time for HIM....these switches have come from a book we are studying through on wednesday mornings called "crazy love" by Francis'm humbled and convicted and in awe, and so thankful...and we are only in the first Chapter! More growing pains...they hurt...
Now, i feel like i've unloaded what i need too, Keegan is still crying, and so the waiting game goes on...Jesus please bring a resolve that teaches both of us what we need to differently to be better!
I guess there are some days that i'm not afraid to admit that i have started the bedtime countdown...and yes my friends, it's just after lunch!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

So my saved copy of a half blog post in Microsoft Word is just going to have to wait...For some reason, my inspiration seems to be best thought out when written off the top of my head...and today i'm inspired!
It has become evidently clear to me in the last couple days that God is reminding me of a really cool thing. The amazing simplicity of our faith doesn't happen in the troubled times and crises of life. Although God wants nothing more than to lead us through the fire in safety and protection...and believe me when i say i've experienced first hand the power of prayer and protection in our darkest moments in life! BUT How dare we sell God short of living true freedom and the abundance of blessing by ONLY coming to Him in those toughest of times...God desires to shower His love and provisions over us EACH day...good and bad, sickness and health...if its so easy for us to make those vows and promises to our spouses and family members...why do we forget our Creator?! Afterall, His plans for us are perfect and His timing is exact and calculated to bring about such Grace and peace and JOY...How dare we sell Him short of all that He could do in and through us?! i made a promise to God and to myself that once things settled down in our lives, that things wouldn't settle down in my faith...that lukewarm laziness that happens when we really dont NEED God, because life is good and things are going well for us...To be truly honest, I experienced a revival, an awakening in my soul in the darkest moments of my deepest pain and loss...and i have to say that i am forever changed from grieves me to think i used to be the kind of person to really come to the Feet of Jesus only when i had a, the kids, Colin's job related...How dare I use such a selfless and Holy God at my disposal and kick Him aside when i felt i could do life better...i'm convicted but also humbled that God would still choose to keep loving me, keep using me, and want to keep growing me...and now that those changes have happened and that awakening is in me...i'm excited!! i'm excited to see things happening around me, God awakening others and drawing us closer so we can grow together! 2012 is a year that i have a quiet anticipation for what God wants to do in my family and friends lives and its going to be a year of being blessed in our faith and in growing and learning what God desires for us!
My Utmost For His Highest puts it so perfectly (excuse my paraphrasing), So often our prayers are only prayed when we have a need and we eagerly expect the answers we desire...but in essence, God's heart's cry for our prayers to be a way to be close to Him, whether we seek answers or just to talk...He is ALWAYS there, and believe it or not, He too, has so much He wants to share with us!
I am SO encouraged by the fact that our Faith is a journey of growth and learning...if we really grasp the importance of our relationship with Christ, we can't stay in one spot, as life throws us battles and experiences, we don't ever stay the same, nor does our relationships with our people close to us, and nor should our relationship with our God!
AND how cool is it that this morning in church our pastor is so very pointedly preaching on breathing new life into our spiritual growth...that our faith has to change and grow or else, we're going to seriously miss out!! Hold on, this new year has come and if we're not careful, we can miss out on so much of the inspiration that God wants to use to change us and breathe new life in us!

One thing i do want to add is that this Christmas was such a welcomed change from last year...We welcomed being at home enjoying time with family and friends and of course having Keegan get a bad case of croupe right before, we barely made it to Christmas without him being hospitalized...but God was good, He allowed us to all stay home and get healthy and enjoy our quiet rest! I have ALWAYS loved staying at home for Christmas and although the sting was still there that Colin couldnt be with us on Christmas morning to watch the boys open gifts, the 3 of us talked a lot about what Daddy was doing with Jesus and what kinds of festivies would be happening in Heaven for His Birthday! What a party that would be!!
AND to ring in the new year...the boys finally saved enough money for their fish!! i have promised them fish for a long time so we enjoyed taking a family field trip to the pet store to get them each a fish and a little tank and all the decorations to make the fishies comfortable in their new home!
So now its January, and even though this time of year always makes me a bit sad...that my favorite time of year has once again come to an end, and that January seems to be the longest most boring month out of the entire year...i'm looking forward to the adventures of what we can accomplish and to what God has to show us!!

I am not one to send out Christmas cards or holiday letters, but i guess this is what's on my heart at the moment and i just thought i would share it, if only to get it out and process through it for myself...i pray u can take tidbits and be encouraged or challenged in what God has for you this coming year!

Blessings to you and yours,