Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Out on pass!

Well today I went back after my 2 day pass to go lay in a boring hospital bed again. They took my blood sample, we waited for result, saw a doctor and then were on our way back to Andrew and Nat's for 2 more days out on pass. I don't need to go back for blood tests until Thursday. I think they don't have enough beds and I also am glad they don't need me sitting at the hospital while I can be out on pass. The only thing is, if we would have know I would only have to go back every couple days, Melissa would have maybe brought the boys up to see me. Maybe its for the best because I am susceptible to infection now, and I sleep lots too!

Today we also received a package of information for my stem cell transplant. I have until the middle of Oct before we start chemo again and its only for 3 days, then we wait and they will collect my stem cells the first week in November. I will have some time off then until the last dose of chemo and November 30 I receive my stem cells transplant! It seems like a long time but the amount of days I actually will spend in chemo treatments is small in the big picture.

Melissa and I are just relexing here at Andrew and Nat's home. We are so fortunate to have them close by to take us in. I have been eating all the great food Nat cooks as well as some other food which is just for calories. Its all good though, will the time line we were given I can see hopefully when I might return to work, depending on how my recovery goes. Also I see being to get back into shape and hopefully how that looks, being able to start walking more and then jogging. I would like to be jogging again in February if my body and recovery allows. We will see.

Anyways I will be out of hospital until Thursday for sure unless an infection or something happens that we cannot take care of at home. We will let everyone know once we are back in hospital or maybe even home to Med Hat for a few days.

Be blessed.



  1. Hi you Two
    As I read your updates I can't help but think about how these trials and "fires" we walk through in life burn away all the rubbish and garbage. Even on the tough days the pure gold in your lives is very evident. God is doing a tremendous work in you and through you... even on your toughest days! When we are weak, He is STRONG.
    Thank you for being transparent and honest about your struggles and victories. We are sharing your burden- albeit in a small way.
    Much love, many thoughts and lots of prayer,

  2. Good morning Colin and Melissa - early morning is one of the best times of the day on these perfect Indian summer days God is blessing us with.
    I am an old friend of your parents (Melissa) from Bible School days (HCC)and would like to let you know we are praying for you and cheering you on in your journey. God holds you close to His heart so snuggle into His chest, especially on your trying days . That was a word picture that got me thru my hardest chemo days. Nine years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer - I never thought I'd be celebrating what we are this weekend - our daughter's wedding! She was only 12 at that time. Here we are making the last few mad dashes to the store to get puddy or something to make the candles sit sraight in the candlebra, preparing the trailer for long distance family and going over the welcome speech. All this to say - God has a plan and it will come to pass. Jeremiah 29:11 has been our families verse and I'd like to give it to yours. I pray that in the days to come you will find that peace that comes from knowing the One who holds you, loves you the best. Isaiah 26:3&4 is another fav, He definitely is our Rock. God bless you and yours and keep you and I pray in the future - you will be enjoying?! all the festivity that goes along with watching your boys get married.
    Love and prayers,
    Roberta and Terry Larson and extending family