Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I know the day is not yet over, but i thought i would just write and let you know that today, although Colin was more coherent, just really isn't that much better than yesturday. I was hoping he'd have some relief at least from his headache, but it took most of the morning to get the pain under control again, and he managed to get breakfast down to stay. Wish i could say the same for lunch, and i'm thinking supper will be a write off as well. He's comfortable though now with help from the meds, so that's a good thing. This round of chemo has really thrown Colin under the bus with EXTREME exhaustion and nausea so he's getting hit from all angles right now. I guess rashes are quite common with the chemo meds that he's on, too, so there's signs of some sort of rash coming as well, but nothing bad enough to warrent any action at this point. Tomorrow is the end of IV chemo for this round, so there will be relief soon. We just have to keep praying for that spinal headache, and hopefully with the two other injections booked for Wednesday and Friday there won't be any worse pain.

Thank you for your encouragement to keep going.....it's good to hear, and it gives us energy to keep going! Thanks again for your prayers, please don't stop, we need them very much!



  1. Oh Melissa....I hope that you feel our love and prayers coming your way. I pray that God will continue to give you unbelievable strength and peace while you stand by and take care of Colin. You are doing so awesome and are an inspiration to us all. God is sooo pleased with you Melissa. Yes...we will pray that headache away! We love you both! Love Kelly Kurp for our whole family

  2. Hi Melissa. Just wanted to drop you a quick note and tell you how much I have admired both you and Colin through this. You are an incredible example to so many of us. Your faith, strength and grace in such a tough situation are truly amazing. You are going to have times that seem bleaker than others, and times when you feel very discouraged. You wouldn't be human otherwise. I sometimes think that it is harder to watch our loved ones go through things than it is to go through them ourselves. I know you wish you could make this easier for Colin, but know that you are making an incredible difference in his life with your love and support each day as he goes through this. He is a very blessed young man in many ways. We pray that before you know it this will all be just a bad memory and Colin will be hard at work on the police force and you will be back to your everyday chores of looking after the boys. Continue with one day, one hour, or one minute at a time when needed. You are loved and prayed for every day. You are incredible!!!! By the way, Sarah said if there is anything she can do to help with the boys she would be happy to.

    God Bless
    Denise Tschritter

  3. Colin and Melissa,
    I have thought of you both often, since I was your nurse at MHRH for a new days- Colin,You may remeber the day that I told you that you and your wife- mirrored my life, with the kids and our age, etc. It was nice to find your blog to know what was happening since your diagnosis. Please know- that in the short time that you were in the MH hospital- you touched many lives- and we are all rooting for your triumph over this dreadful disease. Best Wishes and Good Luck to you both. Stephanie

  4. Hi Colin & Melissa..I am Darlene's aunt and am taking interest & praying for your progress. Just wanted to let you know that I care and trust that God will supply all your needs.
    Blessings, A Vi

  5. I am praying hard for a release from the headache... God is there through this all and I understand your heartache now Melissa. We are with you in the Spirit and will continue our thoughts and prayers. KB

  6. Hang in there Rat! Keep on keepin on! You're gonna get through!

  7. Praying for you all!! Keep fighting Colin, we are looking forward to the announcement that the cancer is GONE!!
    ~the Coote's

  8. Melissa and Colin,
    I am with you in your day and in you sleep. I feel with you when I read. Sending you my strength and fighting spirit.
    Love, Carin