Saturday, September 5, 2009

More Answered Prayers...

Hi! i just wanted to write something quick, today is a WAY better day for Colin! He had a great sleep last nite and he's chipper and very happy today! PRAISE GOD! His blood counts are up and his white blood cells are up to the normal range! No worries about infections!!!!!!! YEAY! we haven't talked to the Doc's today, but i'm sure they'll be happy with his progress! Also, i just wanted to add that your prayers for healing in Colin's mouth have also been answered! His blisters in his lips and the cuts are all closed up and healed over, so food is not such a foe!!!!
Lots to be thankful for! YEAY! just wanted you all to know that God hears our prayers!
i'll post more when we know more!


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  1. You two are more of an encouragement to ME than you will ever know! Thank you for giving me opportunity to pray for you and your family(ies) and indeed on how to pray specifically! What way for God to bind us all together! Blessings indeed.