Wednesday, February 10, 2010

HI Everyone,

Since our last entry a week ago, not too much has changed. Things are getting better for me physically and I am feeling stronger everyday. I have been working out at the police station recently because there are more weights and more equipment to utilize there then what we have here at home. My weight is steadily increasing too, I am back around the 170 lbs mark again. I hope to be close to 180 lbs before I return to work.

This Sunday was a great day for Melissa and I. Keegan actually stayed in his Sunday school class, so we were able to enjoy our first church service in a very long time! It was almost overwhelming for us and singing some of the songs I had new perspective on the words and what they actually meant. Hopefully Keegan continues to go to Sunday school good so we can keep enjoying worship and hearing great sermons.

I don't have another appointment until Feb 17, but I am expecting my counts to be up some more and everything to keep going good. Take care everyone and make sure you do something special for your spouse, significant other or someone you love this Valentines Day.


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