Monday, February 1, 2010

Home to Stay!

So.....Today Colin has just finished his LAST CALGARY DOCTOR'S APPOINTMENT!!!!!! They are now doing all the follow-up and all the Ct scans and everything from Medicine Hat! Colin recieved the official word that he is now 100% in remission and there is no sign of any cancer from his latest CT scan! Praise God!
You have no idea how awesome this is to hear so soon after the dust has settled for us! We are SO excited about being able to have Colin's care be here in Medicine Hat! IT's just so much more convenient and less exhausting for him!
Back in November, when Colin went into the Medicine Hat Hospital for the infection he had in his intestines....the CT scans were showing some sort of growth or abscese....they tossed around the idea that it could be a possible "mass" which meant something to do with the cancer, but they were telling us there was no cause for concern.....well we are happy to report, that there is no such mass anywhere in his intestines.....EVERYTHING IS FREE AND CLEAR OF CANCER!

For now, i'm marveling in God's Grace and His powerful protection and healing in Colin's life! Today is a happy day! We have SO much to be SO thankful for!
Thank you again for all your prayers and support...being at church yesturday and getting so many hugs and encouraging words, means SO much! It's good to be home surrounded by our friends and family!

ps. I forgot to mention that last week Colin celebrated a birthday....those days take on a whole new meaning when we look at what we've come through! The simplicity of life is such a sweet thing these days! i'll make sure i post more as we go;)



  1. What great news!! We are so happy for you and are amazed at God's healing power in your life as well.....take care :)
    Love Auntie Dawna