Monday, February 7, 2011

Whoa! it's been a bit of a stretch without an update! I better get on that now then! Well, dare i say we have a teeny tiny window of time while the boys are healthy again to get out and be social again?! "START THE CAR" haha...that silly Ikea commercial comes to mind. Man, January was a tough one this year, but i remember thinking last year, when Colin was in the thick of all his treatments, they would allow him to go home as long as no one around him was sick. Seriously?! What kids don't ever get sick, and of course so was the case, we wouldn't tell the Doc's our kids were sick cuz Colin didn't want to risk not being able to go home, so he would risk his own health just to get there. So the maddness of hand washing and lysoling after each germ filled hand touch something Colin would touch, i still can't believe how i didn't go crazy cleaning up after each of them, or how my hands didn't burn off with the lysol amounts that i used! So in a late night cleaning rampage, i remember sitting on the stairs after finishing the railings and light switches and crying into my hands...vowing that when we were able to relax a little more, when a break would come, and the kids were "allowed" to get sick...i promised myself it would be the most freeing feeling, and i remember thinkin i won't worry anymore about it, cuz God obviously had that area under control! So, to be honest, although the days were long, i was so happy to just be free to have "sick days" again with my kids, and not have the anxiety of how this would affect our family time or how fearful i was of how it would affect Colin's health. He's all good! No sickness can touch him again! AND the worry is God's to take from me, that in itself is a huge weight and a freedom that i am spending each day basking in!

So long story short, the past few days have been busy, just scootin around town getting stuff done, along with some much needed catch up time with great friends! it's amazing how much that lifts a person's spirits! This week will be another busy one and on Friday my family and i will head out to Caronport and meet some of Colin's family there to spend a weekend at an Alumni Tourney at Briercrest in Colin's honour. This will be a fundraiser for the College Athletic Scholarship started in Colin's name. It will be very cool to be apart of and i am hoping to see lots of people we went to school with and catch up with lots of guys Colin played hockey with over the years! The best part will be to see the new rink that Colin would spend countless hours dreaming of and wanting to go and play in!
Anyhoo, we're doing good, just pluggin away, taking it one day at time, it's good!
Happy Monday!
Luv, Melissa


  1. Glad everyone is feeling better and ready for a great week end at Briercrest!! Can't wait to see you all there :)

    Drive safe! Love ya lots.

  2. Hey Missy, Have a great time with old friends. I wish I could be there as well. We think of you guys often. I'm still amazed what the guys put together to create a scholarship in Colin's name.