Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ok, so i know i'm a few days late, but i need to tell you about the coolest thing that happened to me this past weekend! So my aunt is home in Hanna by herself and so she decided to come and stay with me and the boys for the weekend! So we did all the super fun girl things...ya know, stayed up so stupid late and talked each other's ears off...and in those late nite converstations i had mentioned to her that my poor bedroom was in need of a little facelift but i didn't want to paint or do anything she told me we would pick out a few things and she would help me make it a pretty space just for me!
well, i can't even describe to you the beautiful room makeover she did....a complete transformation and it is now my beautiful oasis that is pretty and cozy and such a peaceful space for me to unwind! What a gift! She recruited some of my closest friends and Nat and they shut me out of my room for hours waiting to see the final reveal!
Even more than the room makeover, it was SO good for my heart to have our home busy and full of people...seriously, it just filled me to overflowing and i couldn't stop smiling! What a great weekend! I also have to credit my aunt for helping me do a little facelift to the blog as well, and showing me how to upload pics and all that fun stuff! man! i've been missing out on loads of fun with just posting!
One more week until school starts for Corban and this morning we are off to do back to school shopping and some groceries...just trying to keep busy and enjoy the last bit of summertime activites before the fall hits, but to be honest..i'm ready for the everyday grind of routine to come! What a great summer tho!
ok, without further adeu, i will post my before and after pics!

ps...just so you all know, i have never had a rhyme or reason to any bedroom i've ever had...just not creative like that, so this is a BIG dream come true for me!!!
THANK YOU...Auntie Dawna, Christine and Duane and Nat!!! You guys are amazing!


  1. Gorgeous transformation, Melissa! You need a place just for you. And you look so great in the room. Blogging is so much fun - I've met all kinds of interesting people - including your aunt!

  2. Yahhh you got some pictures on!!! and don't you look great all matchy in your new room!! That was so much fun Melissa and it was fun to do something just for you to enjoy :) I was glad to visit you and the boys and just see that you are doing GREAT..and you are such an encouragement to me. The guys are home in 3 more sleeps! Love ya lots!!
    ps...did you make your bed today :) lol :)

  3. Very Exciting!! What a great gift.


  4. Beautiful bedroom Missy! Your aunt did a great job for you. That reminds me, I should try to organize the clutter in my bedroom, too! :o)