Sunday, May 1, 2011

We did it! We did it!!!

Well...we made it out to Winnipeg and back home again all in one piece with amazing memories and the feeling of having some really fun adventures under our belt! Honestly, it couldn't have gone more perfectly! We had a great visit in Regina with family and had a minor hiccup of Keegan having some tummy trouble, so with little sleep and having made a pile of laundry for my poor pregnant sister in law, we started to Winnipeg! I think i heard more than a million "are we there yet, Mommy?!" and "How long till we get there mommy?!"...hehe, but the boys did more than amazingly and we made it there to find sunshine and 22 degrees the entire time we spent in Winnipeg! What a beautiful home my bestest friend Sarah has made for her and her husband and her two precious little girls. The kids played fantastically together and we had the best time just talking and catching up and reliving old memories! My friend Sarah is one of my oldest friends, having been close to me since grade nine...she knew me before i met Colin, and she knew and loved Colin as well and we actually introduced her to her now husband, Darren, whom we went to college at Briercrest with.
We had a busy week of Zoo adventures complete with a picnic in the park and a game of soccer to finish it off...we played in the sandbox and went to the park and even played some ball hockey! After the kids were all tucked in bed each night we would laugh and cry and pick up right where we always leave off, I love my sweet Sarah!
We decided to take a chance and head the entire way home on friday and boy oh boy, did my boys do incredibly! we made it in just under 10 hours and we had a nice quiet down day in the van watching movies and just relaxing a bit! We were greeted home to my sweet parents waiting eagerly to have their fill of cuddles that they missed from a week of not seeing the boys and thankfully they helped carry our load of stuff in for me!
so, we r home, safe and sound and I have to say i'm more confident than i left a week ago, i did it, i took my little family on an adventure we will not soon forget and with God protecting us the whole way, we did it! YEAY!
It's good to be home, but i'm so glad we did it!
Happy Sunday!
Love, Melissa


  1. Dear Melissa, Corban & Keegan:

    It sounds like everybody had a wonderful time!! Please give Corban and Keegan and great big kiss and hug.

    Love to all!!
    Aunt Debbie

  2. Yeahhh for you and the boys Melissa! I knew you would be great on your first road trip adventure. Now, the next one will be easier too. Think of you often, and believe it or not, I think of Colin most days when I sign into my computer as he is part of my password...oops! don't tell anyone okay :)
    Love ya and really hope you try to make it for Ben's grad.....there will be people here to help out with the boys,,,,so come on,,,go on another adventure! Glad you are home and hey,,,when are you going to become a follower of my blog! Silly you!!

  3. Whoohoo! You did it indeed! Next time you take a trip, come out to the west coast! The boys would have a grand time.

    All these firsts are hard, but you are growing and healing. Little by little.

  4. I'm so proud of you Melissa! Welcome home!