Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another Follow Up Update

Hi Everyone!
I wanted to quickly update you from Colin's last appointment in Calgary on Monday. Everything went really well....they think that he will have just one more appointment with the Bone Marrow Transplant Clinic in Calgary and then he can start seeing the Hemotologist that comes to Medicine Hat on a monthly basis! We never thought we would be hearing this news this early, nor did the Doctors expect that he would be doing this well! Colins counts dipped a little like the Doctors said they would, but they never fell out of the normal ranges, so that is something to be so thankful for! His weight is up another 2kgs! I think he is finally starting to build back all that muscle mass that he lost, he looks healthy and happy! We also found out that because he was cancer free before the stem cell harvest and last round of chemo that they do not need to do the 3 month bone marrow biopsy! YEAY! This is really painful, and he was already dreading it, so i am SO glad that we does not have to endure that again!
Upon hearing that he has been working out and sitting in on some training classes, the Doctor said again how atypical this kind of progress is at just 7 weeks post transplant! Indeed our God is SO BIG!
Speaking of which, Colin is out again for another run, he is trying to build on his 15minutes, as he is not used to not being able to go longer, but it will come, he is a determined individual and nothing excites him more right now than getting himself ready to start his career! I could not be more proud of how well he is doing, but we can not take credit, it is the prayers of people and we thank you SO much!
Another very cool thing is that the LDH counts, which keep track of fast dividing cells in the body, and the counts that detect cancer, if there is any in the body. When Colin was diagnosed those LDH counts were over 1000! The highest range of normal is 285, and Colins counts now are at 185! YEAY!

Just some great news to share!
I will make sure i keep you updated on his progress!



  1. I am just now catching up with your blog & am so excited to hear of your continued progress---God is awesome & answers prayers!!! It's good to hear you are able to move towards a normal lifestyle with "together" family time. Glory to God for his amazing healing in your life, your strong faith which carried you thru & how you've grown closer to God & strong in your spiritual life----a great example & encouragement to all!! May God continue to bless & guide you; you are continually in my prayers!!!

    Henny O.

  2. That is so awesome! I am so thankful for how God has brought you through this season and continues to bring healing and restoration. He is so good.