Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The road back...

Today was the beginning of the road to getting myself back to work once I am healthy and cleared by the doctors. I am beginning to sit-in on some of the recruit courses I took last year to refresh my memory and learn some new things. I know being able to return to work is months away, but the more I know before I hit the streets, the better it will be for me and my field training officer. I only am in class about 3-6hours a week, so I am not exhausting myself.

Speaking of energy, I am feeling better and better as the days go by. I play a lot with the boys. Corban has missed our wrestling and almost every night now we wrestle for a good half hour to an hour. Keegan jumps in here and there too. I have also been working out every other day at home to regain my strength and endurance. I am able to push harder and longer everytime I workout, so I believe I am slowly regaining what I had before.

Tonight is a big night for our family and me. The annual MHPS Regimental Parade is tonight where the Chief sets the goals for the coming year and addresses the members. This is the first chance I have to participate and also the first time I get to wear my dress uniform as I was in the hospital for my grad. I am looking forward to it because the uniforms are really sharp looking, and I have spent 6-8 hours polishing my dress boots for tonight! You can get a lot accomplished while watching tv at night.

Everything else is going well for us and we all are feeling pretty good. Corban is enjoying being back at Sunday school and Keegan, well Keegan still doesn't like to leave mommy and daddy to go to Sunday school just yet, but we are working on it. Thank you again for your continued prayers for healing and recovery for me and our family. Be blessed!



  1. Praise the Lord for the way you have responded to all the different situations Grama and I are so greatfull for you and Melissa and the spiritual strengh you have shown and endurance through all this and we will continue to pray for you, as we do for all our children and grandchildren.
    all our love Grama and Grampa Toews

  2. So glad to hear that life is getting back to normal for you and your little family!! Think of you often and pray that you are getting stronger each day :)
    Take care and hugs to the boys :)
    Love Auntie Dawna for the Motz men

  3. It was so very good to see you in your uniform at the parade the other night. Your little boys looked so very proud of you. God sure does answer prayers. You are living proof of that Colin. We will continue to ask God to strengthen your body more each day.
    Pat and Shorty