Saturday, January 2, 2010

Nowhere to go but UP!

Happy New Year! I figure i already know this year is going to be great, because we have no where to go but UP! Now is where things get good, because we've learned so much over the past few months, but now we kinda have to apply it.....whoa, that's a little overwhelming, BUT, i did learn to take it one day at a time, even shorter if need be, so that is what i'm going to keep doing! I am finally feeling, after three weeks of being home, that we're getting settled again. Our little family dynamic was messed up and i think Corban was holding us at an arm's length as a defense for if we had to leave he showed that with some attitude but we are slowly but surely reminding him daily, that we don't have to go away anymore....and he's getting used to just 'visiting' Nana and Papa. The first couple times over Christmas that we went to hang out, he was packing all of his things because he thought he had to go back and stay there again! We are keeping close, very close to each other and just getting used to being together again!
There are times where i get plagued with thoughts of "what if this all came back, what if we have to do this all again?!", then i have to just pray it away......there's nothing i can do to control what our future holds, but i guess this is where my application of the things that i learned comes in! Colin is doing amazing! He's energetic and keepin' up with the boys, and he's even trying to do little workouts every day, to get back into shape again! He definitely knows his body, going through something like this, so don't worry, he'll only go as far as he's able, but the Doc's say it's good to push himself a little bit further!
We're just quietly getting back into life and living! We just have to be a lot more careful with staying away from very public places....until Colin is able to be immunized again, we just have to be smart about germs! AND pray a lot that God keeps him from getting anything that would land him back in the hospital!

That's the scoop! I'll keep ya updated as to how Colin's Monday Doctor's appt. goes!

Luv, Melissa

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