Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Well we are through Christmas and heading into the New Year! We had a great Christmas, pretty low key, but very fun! As Melissa wrote previously, we had our family Christmas on Christmas Eve. I love the look on the boys faces when they get to open presents! Being home this year was extra special for me to be able to see it first hand.

Christmas Day was spent at Glen and Sue's place with Andrew and Nat and family. It busy house hold with 3 boys running around. Great meals and fun times with family. Yesterday we drove to see Melissa's grandparents in Claresholm which was about 2.5 hours from home so it was a long of travelling for the boys. The day was fun visiting with family again. My favorite part of the day was our family walk to see the cows. Corban, Keegan, Melissa and I took a little stroll to get the boys out of the house, mostly because Keegan didn't nap with all the people around, to look around the farm and see some animals. The boys love looking at animals, Keegan especially loves dogs, they all have the same name, "Sash." Our friends Chad and Jessie have a dog named Sasha, that's where he got it from.

Today was another long day for me as I drove to Calgary again for another appointment. Just a regular check in again, blood work and a chest x-ray to make sure my lungs are still looking good. I left at 8:30 this morning and was home by 5:30 tonight. The drive wasn't to bad, but I can see it getting really boring and long.

My blood work wasn't back when I saw the doctor, but she said if there was any problems she would call. No phone call yet so that's a good sign! I have to go back on Monday and probably weekly for another few weeks. After that the doctor will most likely allow me to stay home for 2 weeks at a time but have blood work done here in Medicine Hat on the off week I am not in Calgary. Hopefully by the end of February I am only going to Calgary monthly.

I am feeling good these days and would like to start light work outs at home in the next week. I have to wait a couple more days to start because I had my stitches out today from where they removed my center line.

Thank you again for your continued prayers for our family and as I continue to build my immune system, I will be getting out more, so hopefully I can begin to see more people and thank you in person for your prayers and support. For those not in Medicine Hat and I will not be able to see in person, God hears your prayers and I will always be thankful for you!

Be blessed in all you do! Happy New Year!


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  1. Happy New Year you four! It seems like so much longer than 5 months since Colin's diagnosis...I can't even begin to imagine what it has been like for your family. Thank you so much for keeping this blog going so we could all be updated without being intrusive. Here's wishing you all the greatest days, weeks, months, and years for a wonderful future!