Monday, December 21, 2009

The Drive....

So, as we speak, Colin is on his way back from Calgary from the Transplant Clinic. He did end up getting a bit of a cold the past few days, but he's had no fever, which means that his body is fighting on it's own! This is a GREAT thing! He's starting to build his own immunity back up, and the sooner the better! The Doctor seemed to think he was doing just fine and she had no worries. Plus, he's headed back up on Wednesday to get his Central Line taken out of his chest! He'll be able to sleep on his stomach again! haha, i told him he should try being pregnant and doing the same, now we're even! heehee.....We're starting to feel a lot more settled, getting reorganized again and just being able to "live" at home! It's been nice, although we still feel like we're catching up on much needed sleep, but it'll come! Corban is slowly not asking as much, if we're going to be leaving soon, and he's getting used to us being here again....he's been pushing his boundaries, so it's been a bit of a struggle that way, but we're good, and it's refreshing to be able to just be parents again! I can't believe Christmas is this week! We have everything ready and i just can't wait! What a year, but what a year the next one will be! I sure hope it won't be as stressful, i mean i still want to grow and get some wisdom under my belt, but you know....i'm just excited for what is in store!
i'll write soon!
Merry Christmas!
Luv, Melissa

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