Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hurry Up and WAIT!

Hello All!
I wanted to give you the scoop on how Colin has been the last few days. He is tired, and we have just been checking in at the hospital everyday. With the weather it's been taking an hour to get here on most mornings this week, and with the lab at the hospital getting some new computer system, let's just say, i'm ready to start filling in a time sheet and getting paid for the full days we've been putting in here! Anyways, Colin's cell counts are still all really low, and today he's getting another unit of red cells, with hopes that this will be the last transfusion he will need! The good news is, tomorrow, we get a day off. So we can maybe even sleep in a little bit! WOW! This weekend Colin's mom is flying out to spend her birthday with us and we are hoping to get the kids up here with us either Saturday or Sunday! It's a big weekend for us! I hope Colin is up for it, i just don't want him getting run down, so i'm hoping that he'll take it easy, even though he'll want to be playing with the kids!
Colin really has done so amazing this far! God has kept him protected from any sickness and we're hoping that nothing pops up before we can get home for Christmas! Our work-up nurse was in today and she said that if Colin gets any type of sickness within the first 2-3 months post transplant, that he would most-likely have to be treated and hospitalized. So as we enter into this next phase of this process, i'm praying for God to take my fears away and bring us comfort that HE will keep Colin safe and healthy! The good thing about if he does get sick, is that he can be treated in Medicine Hat, by the oncologists there, so at least we can stay together as a family. The thought of just now getting to be back together again, makes me hope that we can have some time and rest before any other "bump" comes our way! We are SO ready to get home and be settled again. Please pray that we can do that soon! That Colin won't get sick and that we can be discharged and get some rest at home for Christmas!

Luv, Melissa

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