Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Answered Prayers!

Well, I guess God knew what we needed the most, and i am happy to report that i am typing this from OUR COZY, WARM HOME! I mean, Medicine Hat, HOME!!!! Yesturday Colin went to his appointment as scheduled and just thought he'd mention how badly we wanted to go home. Much to our surprise the Doctor didn't even hesitate! We left as soon as we were packed up and we got to Medicine Hat around 6pm last night! Oh, it feels SO good to be home. We've all been quite emotional, first leaving Andy and Nat's, it was so weird to have spent so much time and then all at once, we were leaving. As Colin was driving in our neighbourhood, we just wept that we were finally coming home! Corban was even crying (probably because we were), but he kept on saying how happy he was to be home with us there with him! Needless to say, we all had about a 12 hour sleep and the kids 13hrs, so today we're rested and just enjoying being together at home again!
We're slowly getting settled, but we do have to make one more trip up to Calgary for a few days before Christmas. Colin has a routine appointment on Monday and then on Wednesday, he gets to have his Central Venus Cathedar (Central Line) removed! We had no idea it would be this soon, but we are very excited, as this is the constant reminder that Colin is still not quite done with this process! I guess we'll never be done, but the real tough stuff is hopefully over! Now we just have to lay low and keep away from big crowds and germs, to make sure Colin doesn't get sick. In the first 3 months, Colin will most likely need hospital care to help him get over any little cold virus, he has to start all over now....but we're at home, and that makes everything better, just being able to be altogether for longer than a week or two at a time!
Please keep praying that Colin can stay healthy, beacuse we still are just praying he can be home, healthy for Christmas! We just take one day at a time, and enjoy what blessings we have in that day!
The Doc's are very excited that Colin has done so well, and it was only because of so many praying with us! THANK YOU!

Luv, Melissa
YEAY! We're home!


  1. Am so excited for you and your family that you are home. I pray that everything will go well and that no one gets any colds or virus's. May the Lord continue to heal Colin and pray that you will have a blessed Christmas season. We have so much to be thankful for. Will keep you in my prayers.Also a big thank you for all your updates. It was indeed a journey to see how God answers prayer and that he is so faithful. Henny

  2. What wonderful and exciting news!! Enjoy being together! God is good!
    Love Auntie Dawna