Thursday, December 3, 2009

Unwanted Anxiety!

So, another day checking in at the hospital. All routine, we've done this a million times, but this morning, we experienced a lock down on the entire unit. I guess, sometime this morning, the Doc's declared an outbreak of some sort of flu, not sure yet, if it's H1N1, or just one of the other nasty flu-bugs going around. Needless to say, Colin and i got worried. We have heard from everyone there, if you're going to get sick, you'll most likely catch it from the hospital. Yikes, especially now that Colin is extremely at risk for any little bug. I have nothing I can do but pray that he stays protected, and that God sends His mighty angels to cover Colin from any germ that might come his way! Please pray the same! I could start to worry, but it won't do anything productive, so we're both just trying to relax and pray the time goes quick until Monday when they can start giving him G-CSF shots to boost his immune system! Nothing's changed, he's exhausted and sleeping more than he is awake. He's healthy so far, so please pray he gets through the rest of the way until he starts stabilizing and getting some cells to fight infections!
Good news is, that the Doc's felt better about not having him come in again until Saturday. They want to try to get this outbreak under control, and keep the healthy patients away as much as they can! Unfortunately, by Saturday, Colin's going to need some blood transfusions, so we'll have to be there all day, again, unsettling! I'm so tired of living in fear of the germs we can't see! It's scary not having any control, but i guess that's where our faith comes in and God takes over! How comforting to know He's watching all that going on, and making sure Colin stays safe!
I should go check on Colin, i'll check in with you guys later!

Luv, Melissa


  1. We'll be praying that God's mighty power will keep those germs away and hold you both peacefully.

    U. Tim & A. Lorrie

  2. Praying for you both.... For your continued health and for your peace of mind. God is so big.... He's holding you in the palm of his hand. I just got a visual of His mighty fingers reaching down and flicking a germ away from you! LOL! ;) Stay strong Melissa.... You are an amazing woman.... And Colin, you are so brave. You are both such an inspiration to me.
    Love Beckie Muirhead

  3. We'll be praying for you guys! For the bugs to stay away, that his levels go up and that you are reunited with your boys as soon as possible.
    So glad to hear that you can stay at home today and relax during this winter storm.
    Luv, Corey and Sarah.