Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Nowhere to go but UP!

Sorry it's been a few days, but treat no news as good news on our end! Colin has been out on passes since Monday evening! It's been good to get him out of the hospital and eating good homecooked meals at our Calgary 'Home'! We checked back in at the hospital this morning and Colin is on his way to the bottom! His cell counts are low and tomorrow we suspect they'll be no lower they can go. He's extremely tired and just trying to rest and sleep a lot! I'm happy that his mouth is free of sores to this point and nausea is also quite minimal! He's eating good, so that's all we can hope for. I think the two of us are so tired of these 'low' times. It's SO nerve racking for both of us to think about how suseptible he is to ANY infections, especially now after his transplant! We just want to get out of this huge risk and all Colin wants is to just start to feel better. This time, he knows he doesn't have to feel better just to "go through it all again"! HE IS DONE! Please pray for us now, as Colin is at risk, that he stays healthy and safe! I'll make sure i'm in touch with how he's feeling and how our days are going! We are SO blessed to have a home to come too, so many people have no where to go, so they have to stay in the hospital. THANK YOU ANDY AND NAT, for opening up your home and making it our home, too! Love you guys!
ok, i should go, they rented some good movies, and it'll be nice to sit and relax!

Thank you again, for praying, things would be much worse without those powerful prayers!

Good Night!

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