Saturday, December 5, 2009

Snow Day!

Wow, so here's another day inside not going anywhere! We were actually supposed to be checking in this morning at the hospital for blood work, but we were not able to get there, after seeing countless vehicles just in our cresent having to be dug out of their driveways and around the corners. We called in and said there was no way we could make it there. They had no objections, and said that if Colin was feeling ok, with no fever that we could just try again tomorrow! I can't believe this weather, the blowing snow is drifting, making it impossible to get anywhere without getting stuck!
I also count this as a blessing, because we are all healthy, and warm, and we can wait another day for the outbreak up on Unit 57 to be contained! We still haven't heard what the "bug" is, and we're just thankful that we can stay away!
I am in awe at how well Colin is doing. Post transplant was supposed to be a "doozy" of side-effects and symptoms, all of which were awful and unpleasant, but Colin seems to be coming through unscathed so far. Our prayer is that this continues! God is SO good and we know people are praying, because the other gentleman we met with Burkitt's Lymphoma had a terrible time and had to stay 10 days in the hospital becuse of getting sick both from the past chemo and getting run down! God is BIG, and we're so glad we can call Him for help for things that we can't control! I'm making sure Colin takes it easy and rests almost constantly. He really isn't up for anything else and he's still eating, not as much, but he's getting nutrients in, and that's all that matters!
We are warm and safe, and we pray the same for you, too!
Be safe, and stay in!
i'm gonna go make some tea!

Luv, Melissa

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