Thursday, December 17, 2009

Good to be HOME!

Well, Colin was forced to be Mr. Mom today.....I've had the worst migraine that i can remember, and believe me, i'm SO glad for Colin.....he's tired but he was AWESOME today! I'm finally, after 24 hours of this thing, feeling like i can function again. I don't know what it is, but i think we're both still adjusting. Colin said last nite, he walked down the stairs after tucking Corban into bed and he just cried, realizing once again, what we had all been through these past five months! He has beat cancer! I know we're flooded with relief for this portion to be over. But i guess we've coped with making it our reality for what seemed to us, like an eternity, and now it's all over, that security blanket has been wiped out from underneath our feet, and we're reeling a little bit. I keep looking at Colin, asking if he feels ok, if he feels like he's getting sick.....we just keep praying that we can make it to be home for Christmas. I know we're home, but this next week until Christmas comes, it's going to be a time of holding our breath to make it there! I thought we'd come and we would be sleeping great, just being relieved to be home, but that's taking a little while as well. I guess, like this entire process, this is all taking time, we adjusted at the beginning, and now, again, we must adjust back to our new normal!
Let me tell ya, we are sure enjoying each other! The kids have been sleeping in for us these last few days, and it just seems we're all catching up on our rest.....kinda we're all relieved we're back together! I can understand where all the emotions and exhaustion can bring on a little bit of despair or depression, but i'm praying that we can be support for each other and just ask that God keeps us from anything that could creep in during this time!
WE'RE HOME! It keeps sinking in a little more everyday! We're going through some sort of culture shock......but we're home....God is good and Christmas is SO close! WOW! This holiday will never mean SO much to us as it does this year and in the years to come! We are together, we have our "Daddy" home with us....and for now...all is right with our world!

Luv, Melissa

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  1. WOW. This is a great gift for you and your family Colin, and we are thrilled to hear that you have had the strength of the Lord to win this battle. It is our prayer that your family will grow in continued health and that this Christmas will be filled with many more blessings. All the best.

    Barret and Bridget and boys