Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 8 and some personal thoughts

Today I feel good again, not like the past couple days were bad, but I feel like I am starting to get some energy back after transplant. We are at the hospital right now just waiting for my blood counts to come back. I think and feel I should be good today. I received platlets and red blood cells yesterday and they also started G-CSF shots to boost my white cells. Hopefully today my whites are up so then we wouldn't have to check in everyday.

We are hoping to be discharged from Unit 57 on day 14, which is next Monday and then only have to check into the BMT clinic down stairs once a week. We are hoping they will let us come home for Christmas around the 21st. I would have to come back just for the day probably around the 28th or 29th.

This weekend is a big weekend for us with discharge and hopefully being able to bring the boys up to stay with us in Calgary until we go home again. Also Dad surprised my Mom with a plane ticket to Calgary for her birthday so she will be with us this weekend too! Lots going on but nothing really exciting with me, which is the way it should be, because it means I am doing well and starting to recover more.

With Christmas just around the bend I want to say thank you to everyone who has prayed for us and helped me get the best Christmas present ever, ANOTHER SHOT AT A HEALTHY LIFE WITH MY FAMILY! Doctors, nurses, PCAs, family, friends, co-workers, prayer warriors, people I have never met, everyone who in some way or another touched our lives during these 4 months in Calgary, THANK YOU. WE love you so much. Life will never look the same for me and you have all been through this with us!

I know the list above is very broad, but I cannot even start to mention everyone who has helped us out at one point or another. One person who I have thanked over and over is Melissa. I will never truly think or show how thankful I am for her. The LORD is my ROCK and Melissa is second to HIM in my support system. Without her this journey would have been a nightmare. Many nights she would hold me while I cried not knowing what the future held, worried I would never see my boys go to school, graduate or get married. Her words would reassure me God was watching over us and HE was taking care of me. When my outlook was bleak Melissa gave me strength to fight and to not loose sight of Christ in my life and to reach out to HIM who spared HIS life for me!

This Christmas I don't need presents, a Christmas tree, lights, a big dinner. I have already been given everything I need: a second chance at a healthy life, family, great friends, Corban and Keegan, Melissa and my LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST!

I love you all! THANK YOU!



  1. Another tear jerker but an extremely happy one. We love you so much.
    GR and GR

  2. Colin, you are a true warrior. You have overcome your situation with a real victory! Kurtis and I think of you often, and mostly with tears in our eyes (like right now :-). You have encouraged us, and truly made us thankful for what we have...Life is nothing without the support of the ones you love and more importantly being yoked with the ONE who gives us life abundantly, regardless of the situation. Your story and strength in Jesus has made a ripple effect to many you may never know...and that will last FOREVER! -Chandy